• Badger

    The video isn’t loading…stupid phone

  • Badger

    Nvm i got it

  • J.D.

    They should really feed him less. Jesus.

    • Bored

      Lame J.D. is lame

      • tommytwotime

        no shit, what an asshole

    • idiot

      He cant exactly exercise you insensitive clod!

    • John

      Fuck you

    • Eric


    • hotchick

      I bet he has a giant pillow and really small eyeglasses…

    • zimzum

      you sir, are a butt hole

    • philip

      Go fuck yourself, if you're not already, troll.

    • Rob

      I would never normally say anything this direct to someone on here, or any other forum for that matter… but seriously JD, go die in a fire. This kid is incredible. To have the attitude he does, the gifts that he has despite his difficulties in life… I'd love to see you try and live a day with the disabilities that he has and then see your arrogant shit headed comments after.

    • Parallendicular

      Shut the fuck up, asshole.

    • whocares

      I was watching this video, thinking about how much I like this site, because I knew that no Chivers would be trolls here. And I see that I was wrong.

      • michael

        dude there are trolls everywhere

    • GregS18348

      You're an asshole.

    • ARey

      Eat shit and die J.D.

    • C-pot

      I honestly feel sorry for you J.D. Someone really hurt you at some point in your life, but I'm not going to spit venom at you, you either want that or some negative attention, sorry, none for you, just pity.

    • Itchychin12

      Hold up a minute people, JD just offered an opinion and now you want him to die a horrible death. From most of ur comments about how he is diabled I can see that you think he is unable to exercise and has the right to be that size. But he can exercise, he can move his whole upper torso and so that enables him to do exercises such as swimming, weights and many others. Disability or no diability, overweight is overweight. And before you start wishing for my death, realise that I'm in a wheelchair too.

      • ElCap

        Its still absolute bullshit to undermine everything this kid has achieved by making an asshole comment about his weight.

        Who here actually knows this kids physical limitations enough to know if being slim and healthy is even on the cards for him? The video says he has a rare disease which doesn’t allow his limbs to fully develop.

        I don’t wish for your death, but being in a wheelchair id hope you understand more than anyone that not all wheelchair bound people have the same level of ability to control these sorts of things.

        Now can we get back to seeing this kid and his dad for what they truely are- tough as hell and inspirational

  • BloodScrubber

    Life can be challenging without fail. But both of these gentleman are winners. Big time. B) KCCO

  • echogeo

    Thank you for bringing this back Chive. Missed out on the BFM shirts?
    No problem.

  • dgd

    How is Chive just not finding out about this? Think I saw this on ESPN years ago.

    • Mikey

      I wonder if that's why the caption under the video says, "This was a piece done during ESPN College Gameday on 12/2/2006." What do you think?

    • guest

      Not to be a dick, but it was just posted again today on Reddit.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, that guy and his son are both white!
    Why are you so racist, Chive?

  • Louevil

    GO CARDS! Patrick has been a staple in the Louisville community for years.

  • Mark

    Thank You

  • etcrr

    Wow What an inspiration, Well Done!

  • dkassa

    i had a class wit this kid 2 years ago.. he was really smart.. his dad was with him in class everyday and worked at night!

  • Mikey

    You go dawg!!!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Patrick's father is a true man, and Patrick is a miracle. Send him and his son some Chive stuff already…

  • Freddy

    I don't want to "be like Mike" as a father i want to be like him…Chive on

  • tommytwotime

    thanks for getitng me all emotional at work chive! what an awesome story

  • ChiveApprentice

    GO CARDS. Big East Champs.

    Now that i have that out of the way. Patrick was/is a great ambassador for the University and the city of Louisville. And such an inspiration. I find it no coincidence that you posted this right after the "I hate my job" post.

  • antitango

    My wife saw this guy on that Home Makeover show a few weeks back. They got themselves a brand new house…

    • wayfarer

      I knew i had seen his story somewhere else before as well…

    • dkassa

      u should see their house now.. i went by there the other day and its a mess :/

  • Zedhere

    A frog in my throat and water in my eyes. Thanks for reminding me I'm human.

  • Lowrent75

    I saw this a few years back but it is still awesome and puts things in the right frame. REALLY DUSTY in here.

  • nojoke420

    The story is inspirational. However the Chive's use of the word "crippled" is reprehensible. This isn't 1954.

    • Louevil

      It uses the word crippled in the video.

      • nojoke420

        Doesn't make it right

  • Mr. Mike

    I live in Louisville. He sells Cd's with different types of music he plays. This guy is well known around here but a year or two ago he become more well known when Extreme Makeover Home Edition came and built them a multi-million dollar house that was much more handicap friendly. He got his own room and bathroom for the first time and was finally able to do alot of things for himself. I heard recently though that they are having trouble keeping up expenses on that huge new house. I think the house was free but their bills skyrocketed.

    • mid13

      Sadly, that's usually what happens. They come in, make a great house, but the families have to sell it and move due to bills. It's what happened to the family near me in Camden too. The show should also help pay for the bills, especially if they are going to skyrocket.

      • Royce

        Any way we can help them?

  • http://thechive criss villalobos

    both of this guys are my heroes….inspiration….

  • r00s7a

    The kid is amazing, but I am even more impressed with the father. Damnit, I got a gnat in my eye.

  • Angina

    Beautiful story. Maybe the Chive can band together again to help the family with their bills.

  • John Daniel

    Chive On Patrick!! He's has been kicking ass in Louisville for years!! GO CARDS!!!

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