The Grand Marnier Mix-a-Moment Madness: Cast your vote!

Thanks to all the Chivers for providing the Wild Card names for the Grand Marnier Mix-a-Moment Madness.

The purpose of the Mix-a-Moment bracket is to answer the greatest party questions of all time: If you could have one great drink, who would it be with, where would you have the drink, and what music would be playing?

We have the list of finalists to fill the Wild Card slot below. You control the Cinderella Slot so cast your vote now.

The official bracket goes live on Facebook at midnight tonight.

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  • etcrr

    Bill Murray, Bruce Springsteen, Mt Rushmore

  • Mike

    Bill Murray will take the vote, but I think I have to go with Clint Eastwood. The man is the epitome of badass. And you would have to pay Cash. Nothing else would feel right in that situation.

  • Scuba steve

    The options for places are no good. Seriously. You should give more c

  • Scuba steve

    The options for places are weird. You should give more choices that are not so trippy. Mt. Rushmore? Imaginationland? Apocalypse now? Who wants to have a drink there? Well… I don’t.

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    Clint eastwood , mt Rushmore , Johnny cash

    But on a personal note I saw DMb the day after Johnny died 2 hour show + 1:30 hours of Johnny cash and then epic encore best concert of my life all time

  • Kon

    grand – ma is the best cognac ever.. fact 🙂

  • Hawk

    The man in black.

  • lol


  • iamwhoiam

    to be honest:
    Sean Connery on Mt. Rushmore listening to (none of the songs above) and drinking a grand theft

  • Fielding

    I would drink whiskey with Eastwood or drink Scotch with Connery
    and if I was doing so I wouldn’t care where it was or was music was playing

  • jRuss

    Gay f&#&#ing music chivers…. good lord

  • the BOSS

    Given the choices I would have to go with: country girl, bed of my truck in the sticks, with some George straight drinking some turkey 101 with a splash of water. Cause I’m winning!

  • CBinOKC

    Bill Murray, mouth of the Nung River from “Apocalypse Now!” , Johnny f#@kin’ Cash’s “cocaine blues” playing on the P.A.’s attached to the Helicopter skids drinking Grand Thefts discussing Bill’s research to play Hunter S. Thompson in “Where The Buffalo Roam.”

  • Solitare

    Eastwood Apocalypse Cash

  • Marty

    I vote for no ads on the iPhone app. That’s not something the best site in the world should do.

    Keepin calm but may not be chiveing on iPhone anymore

  • Cid

    Great job guys…

  • the_real_Mike

    As cool as BFM may be…if ur a guy and didn't vote Olivia Munn…I gots bad newz for ya.

  • Gbiscuit

    Stupid sponsor hijacked all the drinks

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