theCHIVE goes on Spring Break in Las Vegas Part 1 (36 Photos)

First, let me say thanks to all the Chivers for making our 21 Jump Street Las Vegas spring break awesome. 21 Jump Street opens this Friday! We really didn't know what to expect and seeing all those happy green shirts was something I won't soon forget. A special thanks to the three awesome Chivettes, Ellen Monohan, Asa Hope, and Erin Young for all the sexy enthusiasm they brought. I mean, you should have seen the response when I asked these girls if they wanted to go shoot firearms... These girls like to party.

We'll be bringing you our Vegas exploits in two parts. Really what you're about to see is the calm before the storm, our first day in Vegas - before the meetup, before I was tricked into jumping off the Stratosphere, before the Chive crowds gathered en masse to shave our interns head, share a laugh, and tee off on the night.

Here’s the sexy footage of the girls hauling off with firearms

And Ellen’s darling surprise serenade

  • Chuz

    so hot!

  • Broshon

    Erin, I love you and would appreciate it if you married me. Consider it please.

  • cianciabella

    #26 the side pony… so hot right now

  • Logan O.

    i am an absolute sucker for Ellen, she is so gorgeous.

  • Chivette

    #20 Asa is so hot! Id be her lesbian lover anytime.

  • Poster (not that lame ass 80's one from yor wall)

    Dear Chive,

    Are you hiring, I always knew my job sucked but your little ” business trip” gave me new reason to hate Fedex Office. (wow that looks even lamer when you type it)

    Resume available on request.


    James Hart

  • Mike

    Ellen and Asa FTW

  • dukic

    if you guys didnt have a major orgy with these women i boycott chive.

  • John

    Glasses, Lip ring, a a GORGEOUS smile? I think that young lady is perfection!
    I turned down a TDY to Vegas this month. What was I thinking?

  • DRC36

    you guys are just havin an absolute blast, fuckin right doggy!

  • Rainmaker2112

    #26 Oh how I'd like to rear-end her! WOW!

  • Thor

    "Do you smell that? It smells so good." is oddly one of the sexiest things I have ever heard. BUT! Only in context.

  • Scotty

    I see they're not having any problems picking up hookers. Good for them.

  • @NickoGilbert

    Spent a drunken night in that piano bar…fun as place!

  • @NickoGilbert

    Spent a drunken night in that piano bar…fun as place!

  • @TheAdamBarker

    Love Vegas….just got back from there a couple of weeks ago. The wife and I go at least once a year! Love the piano bar in Paris too!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! KCCO!!

  • hoofhearted

    Nice scarf bro

  • inspector32

    #10 why you no drink real beer? thats clear

  • goober

    Pattys fat again.

  • amplidudes

    I'll never understand, why some many 'mericans addicted in guns. This suck! But hey, FIRE!

  • amplidudes

    I'll never understand, why so many 'mericans addicted in guns. This suck! But hey, FIRE!

  • Gallus

    I'm just going to confess envy and let it go at that …

  • iKeepCalm

    I love your life

  • @drhawks

    that first picture has a LOT of grey heads…

  • Steve C

    is it just me of is ellen gross?

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