Chive Everywhere: Military, sexy wife, and girlfriend edition (54 Photos)

To celebrate the launch of the Military KCCOs today at Noon PST on theCHIVERY, we're saying thanks to the Chivers in our Armed Forces. Thanks for all your kind words, your submissions, and especially for your service. I'm humbled that we here at theCHIVE can help brighten your day. As many of y'all know I respond to as many of your emails as I can so don't hesitate to hit me up for any reason, especially if you're having a rough one, deployment isn't easy.

I'll be posting the regular, civilian Chive Everywhere tomorrow so if you submitted this week, check the site tomorrow morning. Now let's get to it...

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  • cianciabella

    nice eyeballs #36 … seriously. i love you.

  • Chrisavs

    #46 Let's go OAKLAND!

  • Tex

    There'd be no KCCO without y'all. So many thanks to our soldiers!

  • Matt

    We need addresses of these women with men deployed so we can bang them while they are here alone.

  • Bar B.

    Dickerson, The guys name is Dickerson. whahahahaha

  • Loki

    To the retard saying he would love to be Jodi. I would assume your VD infested ass would have no chance with these sweet women. But if your looking for trash which I’m sure you are come on down to central Texas Fort Hood to be exact I’m sure we can help you out.

  • haak

    “Google pays me 129$ an Hour”, just like we give a fuck?!

  • Always Last

    Aiming to be the last out of Afghanistan. Last!!!

  • @rebado

    This lady is no "ogre" she looks amazing….. Chive -PLS FIND!!!

    [img ][/img]

  • Megan

    I'll clear things up about #11. He was 14 days old in the picture, 11 weeks old when I submitted our picture. Thanks for all of the nice comments!!

  • Jpnes

    An I the only one that noticed #11 said they had in their arms their “11 year old baby” lmao

  • CallingBS

    11 – clearly can’t proofread
    53 – anyone can grab NBC and BFAs and look hard with a 240.
    54 – USS (Can’t Say)? Give me a break, its not Act of Valor.

  • Big P

    first pic is my FE brother, Ryan. we are both Flight Engineers on P-3. we are on a shity deployment and The Chive is making alittle better.

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