In case of fire, grab pigtails (29 Photos)

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  • Gallus

    #2 burned it, and she is looking good. Very good.

    #18 – Coy. That girl defines "coy." I *like* that definition.

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    #2 & #20 must find and moar !

  • passwordistaco

    Damn it! I could have been first but got stuck on #2 way to long.

  • Anonymous

    #16 great moments in cameltoe

  • Anonymous

    Need MOAR of #3, Puh-LEASE!

  • Muddy

    #2 and #16……my screen just melted….

  • tora

    #1 #2 #22 Men we have no defense against these beautiful creatures. We must surrender

  • iParis69

    Now if we could mix this with Hump Day, my life would be complete!

  • buttlover

    #2 & #16….wait for it……WOW!…that is all!

  • pid

    2, 11 and 14 sweet jebus Lawdhamercy moar!!!!!! FIND HER CHIVE!!!!! .

  • Kevin

    #2 moar please

  • Scott

    Number 5 is looking up to number 4 saying “you’re such a fucking retard.”

  • Vince

    #3 moaar

  • tommytwotime

    #30 so fucking hot

  • D4M4G3 Inc.

    #11..,. Just DOMINATED!!!

  • jeff

    #2 steals the show!!
    #8 honorable mention

  • Sundevil8181

    #2 wow, cute face, great chest, perfect gap, #8 has killer thighs, #12 what a pair! #27 enchanting eyes

  • derp


  • TheB0a

    2, 16, 17, and 20.
    I want more of Seventeen.
    Find her and Chive her !

  • BuckersAZ

    #1 Incredible eyes!! Wow and #2 stunning!

  • NightMiracle

    #16 is a pornstar. Melanie Jane. I know by first-hand experience.

  • dude

    #25 please find!

  • S.Roy

    not shure if I should say Thx bc i realy love pigtails of Go to hell bc now I remember I love them so much but dont have any =/

  • troy

    Wowsers way too many gorgeous girls in this post to pick out one..this would have to be the best ever chive post. think i will cut and paste link to desk top for daily viewing. or may be i wont leave the computer and stare at it all day

  • Anonymous

    number 11 is so sweet and tasty looking!

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