By the 5th hour of the 12 hour 60th Sebring, Audi had firm control of the race…. then won (20 photos)

  • bse35

    Last few years Audi has been where it's at

  • huzrdaddy

    Wake up and smell the Diesel America.

  • iforget

    This was a much better race than the headline would lead you to believe. IIRC, the top GT class' top 4 or 5 spots were all within 8 seconds of each other near the end of the race, and it came down to the last lap!

  • etcrr

    Audi is a dominating force in this series

  • big c

    The audi diesels are so turned down and restricted its ridiculous… absolutely nobody would even be close to an audi diesel if they were allowed to run wide open… diesel does rule…

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