Aging rock stars (43 Photos)


  • shanemccrusheon

    Mmmmmm Joan Jett :3

  • Chris Sluse Savell

    Bono looks like an elf and Alice Cooper hasn't changed much. EVH looks good, but all of the Stones look like crap

  • deepderp

    Just about all humans look better when they're young; time uglifies everyone.

  • Lesson here is..


    • MOD

      Best Comment Award: March 2012


    It's Ronnie Wood, not 'Woods'…

  • Alex

    I can only imagine the amount of crazy stories that these people have…

  • Rafiki

    Why did ancient rockstars try to look like girls?

  • John Robert

    Not sure about a few of these. Several of the stars shown here are aging very gracefully. A few unfortunate cases, but many look fantastic.

  • matthew

    #18 hey iggy, your skeleton is showing

  • Kenzy

    David Bowie improved with age in my opinion

  • Handsome Handsome

    Did anyone else notice that #11 is still painfully handsome?

  • Always Last


  • jermery999

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  • Alexgm

    Joan Jett still looking good. Aging sucks!

  • Sillapod

    Dylan has more Chins than a Chinese Phone Book!

  • Sillapod

    When did Eddie Van Halen become Ernest Borgnine?

  • Sillapod

    Mick and Keith: Time isn't On My Side!

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  • Jeffro

    Joan Jett's still hot, Springsteen's still going strong, and Clapton, well Clapton's still a badass!!!

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