• Dustin

    he put the spark to the ground wire.

  • Dr. Lin Zhu

    He is trying to make a bomb!

    Dr. Lin Zhu

  • Justin

    it will depleat itself eventually and need recharced, but if you ever buy an extension cord, it says do not store coiled up and plugged into itself, this is beccause elextricity stays in the extension cord even while it is not in use, have you ever heard of a electro magnet? its just coiled copper with electricity running through it. i see some of you are getting the idea of nikola teslas zero point energy, it works, i have made one, just to scared to reveal it. maybe one day i will use it to completely wipe out the power grid or something? lol

  • formeltwo

    He is lighting the lighter on the ground point and there isn´t a connection between the ground point and the electric output. AND you can´t see the end of the extension cord and the end of the wire, when the light: meaning that he has put a 'voltage on the wire and the extension cord.
    Result: IT’S FAKE!!!

  • moreDINNER

    Dudes! I just went downstairs and unplugged my apartment building from the giant power strip that it gets its power from, flicked my lighter a few times, and it works! The whole building lit back up! All you science guys are nuts! I'm posting from a computer which is plugged into a plug which is installed in a building which is being powered by 3 Bic lighter flicks right now!

  • Captain Obvious

    Notice how the multiboard isn't fully shown during all the whole video…


    I haven’t tried this yet and it seems crazy… But Seriously, why would someone take the time to make a fake video like this? Did all the ppl who are trolling this video actually try it?

  • Always last!!!


  • BoboElhabobo

    Do I need to say somthing, it is realy thomthing, did you lightup your house yet?Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Ken

    He's telling the truth. He's getting free energy from adsense from google hits, and it's going to his bank account then into the electric companies pocket thus not from his, lol.

  • said

    I think it's true that this is working

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