• coinbank

    sounds like a job for myth busters….but something tells me "Busted"

    • Not 2 Man, U?

      You sir, are an idiot

      • coinbank

        ty, tyvm

    • Carlos Sepulveda

      yeah, the part that you never see the whole thing. First you can see all the cable, then you can't see a pair of plugs

      • Carlos' Older Bro

        Not to mention the fact that the part of the plug that he held the lighter piece to is actually the grounding wire in that style of socket. So, yeah… he's not even coming close to putting energy into a closed circuit.

    • David

      • Guest

        Simpsons did it

    • Blake

      Apparently the same thing happens when you troll a troll

    • McAnonymous

      Something tells me he's likely had more practice using the bic components as a high-explosive detonator for his relatives…

      • douche

        something tells me you're a douche

        • coinbank

          maybe but possibly also correct

    • BSS

      Cords will hold electricity. This is why you never store extension cords with the ends plug together. Extension cord may eventually heat up and cause fire. He just added a little electricity to the cord.

      • lol

        and you're and idiot

      • NJF

        You got this information from another chive post. I believe it was the post about fun facts you may not have known? Yeah in that post only the first fact was a fact, everything else was utter bullshit.

      • Justin

        This is completely false, and shows that you don't know what electricity is.

      • moron

        are you dumb?

    • Baird

      myth busters aren't in this range of mathematics.

      • ...

        yes the other bullshit imaginary mathematics called stupidity

    • Ford

      Don't worry I already sent them the link, I am interested however way to lazy to do this myself. So I figure why not let the nerds handle it right! Def. BUSTED!

      • coinbank

        i see your "lazy" and raise you my sloth, as i was too lazy to even send it into the mythbusters

    • phil

      the plug is off screen when he does the "trick"

  • falcore

    cute trick

  • Ebnman86

    B – False

  • Saveferris

    You're telling me this mother fucker is making free energy by plugging something into itself?

    • Biggus Diccus

      He is a genius, I bet he came up with the solar powered flashlight as well.

      • USF Bull Rugger


      • Craigery

        That joke is only funny if you're too stupid to understand that solar-powered devices have batteries to hold the charge.

        • annoyed

          Exactly, because there are solar-powered devices that are solar-powered and dont have batteries. Try looking up some old calculators like the ti-108.

          • dumbfounded

            sorry, shouldn't have wrote solar-powered, twice, sounds awkward

  • twavor

    Umm….no, not a chance.

  • Brian

    So, he got unlimited energy from flicking his bic?

    • boldspoo

      I've wasted waayyyyy too much energy flicking my bic, and trust me it didn't last forever.

      • @danieljillm

        It wasn't a bic. Bics use flint and steel to generate sparks. That lighter was one of those cricket ones similar to the long bbq-lighting ones that use the snap current to make an electric spark.

        • assman

          it's called a piezo, my IOLITE pocket vaporizer uses one…no batteries, no smell, no smoke….looks like I'm drinking from a walkie talkie, smoke weed every day!

          • dude

            No one would ever suspect you of smoking weed, when "drinking from a walkie talkie", because that is what they are made for, after all…..

          • douche

            just put it in a paper or plastic cup with the tube coming out through the straw hole…works like a charm

    • ArticJester

      Ha! "flicking his bic". Sounds dirty.

  • Zack

    The energy would be released from a light, in some form or another (heat) and eventually it would deplete itself.

    • Backseat Chiver

      the question is how long the charge of the closed circuit lasts.

      not is it unlimitied?

      I assume one has to test how long it lasts. I am trying this as soon as I get home. AWESOME!

      • mLG

        No, the system isn't closed. Power being used by attached devices is lost. Virtually no current is introduced in the system, so it couldn't power anything.

        • Caleb

          Not to mention we was trying to "power" the ground connection…

      • Kyle

        There are no capacitors in a power cord or anything else to hold a charge, but this goes back to the old rule, that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

        Why do I have the suspicion that he threw a battery into that powerstrip?

      • Justin

        No. The amount of energy you deposited in the system (from the piezoelectric spark) is enough to power exactly nothing. It's dissipated as heat within MICROSECONDS. Maybe less. Search Wikipedia for "conservation of energy".

    • GreatCowGod

      Straight on. We follow the laws of thermodynamics on this board!

      • Arid

        We follow laws here? When the hell did that start?

        • beasty

          Rule #1: Boobs rule!!!!

  • etc4779

    Power Companies around the world are trembling at the tought of the thousands of pennies they are losing because of this….

    • garoh

      so tens of dollars

      • Kyle

        ahahahaha awesome!

    • Stacy Fisher

      Dude, this is a trick. Learn some science.

      • Etc

        Hence the sarcasm dip shit

  • etcrr

    I really don't have anything intelligent to say but I will comment anyway and then vote my post up myself..

    Then, if I end up with a negative I will delete, delete, delete and repost the same thing again and vote for myself all over again..

    • etcrr's goat

      hahaha, that was the best comment I have ever read from Stan….

    • chive police

      stan has a new account. He is also Martin_McFly. He doesn't think anyone is paying attention.

      • riverwalker

        bunch "of" fucking morons

      • rrcte

        Do what?

      • etcrr'sgoat

        I don't think so, Martin has actually made a few funny comments that are way out of the realm of possibility for Stan…. His new account will surely reference Ferris B…

  • konc3pt


  • lexchiver

    Anyone with a third grade education should know this is bullshiat.

    • alister

      anyone wth a third grade education should be able to spell bullshit.

  • LucretiusCarus

    Fake. Note that you never see both ends of the power strip in the video at the same time once the "trick" is in play. Also, even if this DID work, it wouldn't last forever for free as you will eventually lose all power to thermal radiation by conductance through the coils.

    Beyond that, while that piece of the lighter may be able to create a relatively high voltage (enough to spark), I doubt there's any possible way it could produce enough current to power any of these devices.

    • MediumJim

      its not bullshit. you are not suppose to plug an extension cord into themselves when being stored as the current still left in the cord will continue to cycle around and degrade the cord. read a newspaper every once in awhile, you will learn some amazing things. he is not creating energy, he is just transferring it from one source to another.

      • corekshun

        "the current still left in the cord will continue to cycle around and degrade the cord"

        Jim, you make my brain hurt. Maybe it's because your post made me bang my head against my desk repeatedly.

        • Joe

          it will degrade the cord. ask any electrician

          • parkatola

            Hi. I'm an electrician. No, it won't. Thank you for playing.


      • LucretiusCarus

        You gotta be kidding me. There can be no "current" stored in the cord. Once the power supply is remove the current will stop. There can, of course, be charge still stored in the cord via static electricity which could then be discharged by plugging the cord into itself. This MAY cause some degradation of the cord as the current cycles, but the small amount would quickly be lost to thermal energy.

        Perhaps if you did this EVERY time you used and unplugged a power strip you could wear it out. But seriously, this is never going to happen in your lifetime. Did you never take physics?

      • lol

        its 100% bullshit. read a physics book, not a worthless newpaper

        • AC/DC

          corekshun is right. There will be minimal current left in the cord, and in some cases known to cause a fire. But like mentioned above, leave it to Myth Busters.

          • LucretiusCarus

            Seriously–I might be able to buy that there is minimal CHARGE left in the cord, but there is no current. Sorry. There just isn't.

            And there surely is not enough to start any sort of fire. I mean, come on, do you also believe that the guy is calling form inside the house? wtf.

            • some bloke

              Don't let the idiots drag you down to their level.
              Wire cannot store charge. Ever. Not even a little bit. Not even on the interwebs.

              • MaggotMuncher

                Wire coiled under a high voltage line IS able to have a charge induced into it. High voltage workers know that if there is a coil of wire that has been sitting under a transmission line, it can possible kick their ass if they try to pick it up bare handed. Not necessarily storing a charge, but building one up over time. Any charge dissipates quickly once the initial high voltage source is removed.

            • Lazybean

              there is ZERO charge left in the cord when you unplug it. Anyone who claims there is knows nothing of electromagnetism. I can disprove that idea, and the video in so many ways. Hysteresis loss, Ohms law of resistance (e=ir), the fact that AC is a sine wave. just off the top of my head.

          • Electricity101

            There is no CURRENT stored in the circuit. Current is the flowing of ELECTRONS. In order to having flowing electrons you have to have a VOLTAGE DIFFERENCE across the two legs, positive and neutral(AC 120v doesn't require a ground, only for safety). Anyone that believe this needs to understand electricity and the conservation of energy. IMPOSSIBLE

      • Craigery

        If it's in a newspaper, it must be true! The editors always fact-check stories thoroughly, right?

      • Justin

        It is complete bullshit. Obviously you do not understand how electricity works. Any electrician who claims that current can get trapped in an extension cord also does not understand how electricity works. Any physicist, electrical engineer, or high school student can tell you that electricity does not behave this way. This isn't even questionable, it's asinine.

    • mr donuts

      hes right

      • blah blah

        penis on the floor

    • Steve

      You should have added "FUCKIN' SCIENCE, BITCHES!" to the end of that. Unless you learned all of that from having sexual relations with female scientists, then it should read "Source: FUCKIN' SCIENCE BITCHES!"

      • LucretiusCarus

        The next time I need to bust out some science I'll keep that in mind, Steve.

    • Maveric

      Care to explain at which part of this video you do not see both ends of the power strip?

      • LucretiusCarus

        I was pretty explicit. You never see both ends of the strip AT THE SAME TIME once he's doing his fancy trick. Go watch again and you'll see that's correct.

        This may, or may not, have anything to do with it. As has been suggested by other Chivers he could just have power feeding from below. I do think, however, that Occam's razor applies here and it's most likely that he supplies power from either side of the device when he's fooling you.

        • janedoe

          My assumption is that initially the cord connecting to the visible power strip runs off camera to a power/current source and the cord that is coiled up in view is from a different strip. In the second set up, there are only 5 out of 6 plugs visible – power strips are not difficult to open and replace the original wired connection with a new one exiting the strip through a different end.

          This is perpetual motion all over again, disguised as something else.

        • Greebo

          I think, in this instance, Occam's razor actually favors the power from below theory. The one you imply requires power to be supplied from two different locations. In one shot we see the entire strip and a partial cord. I the other we see the entire cord but not the entire strip. For this to work you would have to either build one power strip with two power inputs or two seemingly identical power strips with power inputs at opposite sides. Just sayin'….

          • LucretiusCarus

            You may be correct. I guess I should have said that Occam's razor simply implies that a trick is happening, whatever that trick may be, rather than a miracle of modern science.

    • Evan

      at 1:05 you can see the entire power strip with the night light illuminated.

      • MaggotMuncher

        BUT YOU CAN'T SEE THE WHOLE CORD!!!! Look at the cord as it goes off camera, it doesn't even have the bend in it to come back into the shot. Let's explain it everyone, when you can see the whole power strip, you can not see the whole cord, when you can see the whole cord, you can not see the last plug for the power strip. Power strips work the same in reverse, if you supply power to one of the ports, it will power all the rest of the ports.

  • rromero

    Mother of God, trollscience was right, from now on I'll never pay electricity again! 😀

  • kron

    as a scientist, its BS

    • SMT

      As a horse whisper, you're pretty

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      You know, as a person witch common sense, I'm amazed at the amount of trolling that's happening here. And I don't blame the troller. It's all in the trollee.

      Trolling is a art.

    • riverwalker

      As an economist, it better be.

  • TheAndy

    The very small amount of energy that could get "trapped" within the circuit that is created will continually do laps until depleated, and as Zack said, that energy will be released eventually (most likely heat), due to the resistance value of the conductor in the wiring itself. This will basically compromise the longevity of said cord.

    So, cool trick dude, you're burning out your power strip.

    • Dex

      Assuming electricity could get "trapped" in a cord, why would the electrons move around that circuit? where is the neutral/ground connection for current to flow towards? What provides the EMF?

      Maybe if the wire was plugged into itself AND exposed to a changing magnetic field, you would see current flowing around the loop, but who has a magnet spinning around beside their extension cords?

      • joe

        "Assuming electricity could get "trapped" in a cord",……..really

  • mrkris1981

    Not long as the energy stored in the cable will weaken each circuit. Maybe 1hr.

    But, if you plug itself in to itself straight after unplugging from the mains the current will circuit infinitely, eventually heating up the cable enough to become a flame. True story… Long time thoug.

    • Chelsea

      It depends on how fast the tires are spinning… I'd have to cut that in half. It may also depend on how fast you can run a mile.

      • ClarktheShark

        hahaahahaahhahhahahahaahhhahahah i just lolled in the office

      • zed

        That was truly an awesome remark, thank you.

      • Danielle

        You win this post

    • I call BS

      And how long will it take for it to burst into flames?

  • LoyalLAChiver

    Ya except that the current running through the system will likely start a fire and burn your house down…

  • Chuck

    oh hai… I'm an electrical engineer. This wouldn't work. There's probably a hidden cord going through the table or something. Definitely busted. It has troll written all over it.

    • Chris

      Also a EE. I approve of this message.

  • Boob lover

    So… the people at chive are too dumb to understand simple electricity.

    Stick with the boobs!

  • Zeb Westrom

    Does anyone actually believe this is real?
    For starters, look up AC vs DC voltage.

    • lol


    • ClarktheShark

      Irrelevant x2

    • 123

      If I'm going to look up something that has nothing to do with this it's going to be porn

    • Zeb Westrom

      Okay, I know I'm feeding the trolls here, but how is it irrelevant. The outlet is AC and the lighter starter is DC. It would be like trying to put motor oil in your gas tank.

      • aerobat63


      • kw1q51lv3r

        It's irrelevant because a conductor conducts electricity regardless of current type. I know that devices that are supposed to run on Direct Current will not function on Alternating Current, but I don't know about vice versa.

    • captain awesome

      You've been… THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

    • Justin

      Then look up "conservation of energy", "laws of thermodynamics", and hopefully also "adult education", because if you don't already know this stuff you obviously didn't complete high school.

  • BigPup

    Seems legit…

    • Nasty N8

      lol, you said it best!

  • Mr. Science-ish

    It's BS. When the juice is running, there is always a chunk of the power bar or the cord cropped out. Plus, the entire world energy crisis would have been over a century ago if it did work.

  • cbrackus

    I'm guessing the real cord is fed through a drill hole hidden under the coil and plugged into a "real" power source…

  • bigpappa

    Cheesey trick you never see both ends at the same time. One is plugged in then the other is backfed using a male, male extension cord. Easy trick, do not be fooled

  • Raf

    This does work, but it is a huge fire hazard

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