How about a few bizarre hearses to get you jazzed for the weekend (31 Photos)

  • CaNaDaaa

    Just creepy!!!

    • RealZoo


  • MattKL


  • Mel Gibson

    #15 I want that for my funeral make my family and friends work to get rid of me

    • @Gingergreek


  • Otter

    Missing the Jag from Harold and Maude…

  • Schlatman

    Number 1 is a station wagon. 26 is a clear photo shop. The rest are just insane!

  • Name

    #26 shopped…

    • Gasp

      YOU DON'T SAY!!!!

    • Guest

      Yeah. BADLY shopped.

    • Erich

      Pixels… time… etc.

  • Kenna Lindsay


    I have seen a great number of poorly Photoshopped images in my time and I can tell by the pixels that it is a fake

  • JOHN

    I want to see the special ad they send out to mortuaries for #25

    • M.O.T.

      #25 is not that weird, every funeral I've been to it's been one of those. In fact I've never seen the "classic" hearse with the handles down the side in the UK.

      • JOHN

        The cost is $700,000 and it is made by Bentley. It might not be a tough sell in the Cotswalts or on Bishop's Avenue but here in middle America I wouldn't think of it as flying off the assembly line.

        • Pancho

          Thats a Coleman Milne Hearse, based on the UK Ford Mondeo, Bentley don't make hearses, in fact, no-one makes a hearse as a production model, much the same as a Limousine is not a production model, a coach-building company take the base model, chop, extend and then fabricate as required.

  • slim

    Bad ass

  • goodguysfan

    You gotta love that they left the luggage rack on it.

    • Bob

      That's where the coffin goes…

  • dashete

    Amazing detail on #7

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Is that Mexican pissing on it? Oh the horror!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #30 Grandpa Munster would be proud.

  • luckyB

    #7…is he peeing on it?

  • Doctor_What

    Don't you think you should at least credit Jalopnik, Bob?

  • Brian


    Staying classy all the way into the hereafter.

  • Greg

    Where is the ghostbuster car???????

    • snoopyismyhero

      Ghostbuster car is an ambulance…

  • I_Love_You_

    seems so practical and environmentally friendly -cost efficient too..

  • thetech2

    #26 I think this one is shopped i've seen a few shops in my day and I think this is one of em

    • Katie

      Agreed- looks about my skill level

  • LucretiusCarus

    #3 And the nice thing is you can recycle it after your trip to the grave site.

    Remember, Poochie says "Always recycle…to the EXTREME!"

    #14 And I think this one actually looks pretty damned nice. I wouldn't mind rolling to the cemetery in that.

  • kinoschmid

    what , No girls in this post?

  • @Gingergreek

    #15 Must be a Scottish funeral. Those gits are too tight even to respect the dead 😛 #25 Nothing bizzare about that, it's a pretty bog standard Hearse in the UK

    • zzzz

      UK get the same FG as Australia

    • Cyril

      It doesn't help that you English keep robbing them. I would be pretty cheap too dickhead.

  • Sourboysam

    The "join us" sign on #3 is the creepiest part of this whole post to me.

  • @lukeskynski

    #3 is that a pinata??

  • Portzy

    #25 is based on the Aussie built FG ford falcon!!

  • DotsOfColor

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