How about a few bizarre hearses to get you jazzed for the weekend (31 Photos)

  • OG

    Hey! No one saw #26?

  • TheFinale7

    you guys are just plain sad. And you call yourself Chivers. Get off this fucking site you fucking fools. Your terrible. What lives do you guys have to just sit on here and troll one person. You guys need lives. Why troll him? Because if he makes a stupid remark and it gets down voted you guys troll him saying he deleted it. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Just pitiful I though Chivers were better than this. I'm not saying all Chivers, but You guys are pathetic.

    • et cetera

      Watch out guys, we’re dealing with a badass over here

      Well I guess that's Final, boys. Guess we better pack up and get a life. But not just any life. A FUCKING LIFE. Doesn't sound too bad.

      • TheFinale7

        I think I have found another person worthy of trolling……..

        • TheFinale7

          Go Ahead troll me. I really don't care. I'm here to take a break from work in my busy workload, maybe you should just enjoy your time and stop being a total fucking douche on an awesome site.

    • TheFinale7's goat

      OH WOW, we have another faggot attempting to be an internet white knight and talk about people who sit around looking at a website with sluts trying to get attention being better than this? Get this fuck off your soapbox and shut the fuck up! you will now also see what it is like to be a creepy old dude on this site…. Next time keep your mouth shut!!!

      • akwdwd

        You guys are so hard.

  • Simplizitey

    #26 is a fake

  • Andy

    #26 This isn't even good Photoshop work

  • lauraleinbach

    #26 Lol, superfake

  • Anthony_Tyler

    Patty? Where's Patty? No Patty?

    …oh wait: that's Hearst.

    Oh dear.

  • Jesus

    I think this is awesome. If you're going to die, go out with style and die with a macabre grin, knowing that everyone who attends your funeral will be groaning on the inside when the hearse arrives.

  • ali

    #26 this looks shopped, i can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

  • Gallus

    No thanks. When my time comes, I'd like to go out with a bit of dignity.

  • BOSS

    people are dying to get in some of these!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    I'll take #6, #11, #28, #26, and #18
    But since I'll be cremated, I'll just ride in the cupholder instead of the back

  • BigSoren

    Here's our bizarre hearse.
    /watch?v=Qph84TbX7Zw youtube]

  • BigSoren

    Our bizarre hearse. Again…

  • tanner

    #24 also shopped. lighting on the hearse, background and shadow on the ground does not match. not only that but it looks like #22 & #23 and its missing pieces from the hood and top compared to those two. =) i love picking apart photoshopped pics.

  • TooTallAK

    #26 Seems legit, or is it?

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