Reminder – Operation: Stock Photo Swap Out (Callout)

We here at theCHIVE firmly believe in pointless shenanigans. The next frontier of which is Operation Stock Photo Swap Out (SPSO). Here’s what you do: take a stock-ish photo of you or your friends (the more random the context the better) and sneak it into a picture frame for sale at your local home decor store. Then snap a photo of the frame for sale on the shelf with the stock photo swapped with yours and send it to Leave the frame and new photo for sale for others to stumble upon. We will post the best-of next Tuesday. Now go get stocky, be tasteful and creative!

Photos submitted to the chive submit will not be counted. Send your photos to

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  • tango

    fuk off do u thinkim sat here gonr send a derp dj my track you think im joking when i say im not

    • man man

      You stay classy, tango.

    • yeah

      Can anyone interpret what tango said for the rest of us?

    • NavyBlood


  • Verbal_Kint

    $10 says somebody frames a goatse…

    • Rick_

      If so, please post it. Even if you have to censor it.

    • Paula_

      You rang, my lord?

      – the one you love to hate

    • shakeandbake

      What is a goatse? Serious, what the fuck is this?

      • NavyBlood

        Dont look it up…

  • truth

    I would love to see some zombie stock photo swapping going on. Nothing sells a 5×9 picture frame like…BRAAIINNSS.

    • HAHAHA

      Since when are there 5×9 frames idiot? LOL

      • truth

        Google 5×9 frame and that should clear up your ignorance, idiot.

  • The kid

    This is gonna be awesome! Lol

  • Russ

    The first rule of Operation Stock Photo Swap Out is you do not talk about Operation Stock Photo Swap Out

  • Steve Grenier

    This is pretty awesome idea. Can't wait to see the shots people come up with.

  • Judd H.

    Hahaha Steve from Saskatoon? KCCO

  • fibonacci5150

    ok I got this

  • thatTXguy

    challenge accepted

  • Rainmaker2112

    Efforting this as we speak and looking to unlock the "1000 Chive Points"* that go with it! Look out Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, etc for the Chive On Challenge in coming!

    * There are no "Chive Points", but there should be for posts, photos submitted, votes, etc. Hey John & staff I'm an online marketing Chiver and have I got ideas galore for ya'll. Hit my email and Chive On!

    • Ass-man

      Yup, put a guy that says "ya'll" in charge of your site. Please and thank you.

  • Chelsea

    challenge accepted!!!!

  • perfectedpixel

    Reblogged this on Perfected Pixel and commented:
    KCCO! Awesome idea!

  • neoevans

    It starts with photos, and ends up as Project Mayhem.

  • Sky


  • billiam

    the first rule of project mayhem is….

  • @thatisso


  • joemoney88

    I think a KKK photo is in order

    • Mom in college

      yes. Let’s post a picture of a part of Americans history. Lets show the world how discriminating and racist we were, have become, and still are today. Your idea will prosper into more than likely the dumbest idea on this commentary. please see yourself to thechive”close” window symbol.after reading this. Thank you.
      A mother of two and wife to BLACKS..
      There truly is a world where ignorance is bliss…….

  • Manx123

    This should be interesting the results…lets see who pushes the boat out!!!!

  • Michael

    Mom what are you doing in college? Get back in the kitchen!

  • It's obvious.

    Operation Mayhem. Tyler Durden lives.

  • Kip

    Your mom goes to college…

  • Guy

    Your married to mOre than one black? Weird and your in college, weirder but hey at least you found a fun website, just don’t nigger it up with stupid shit . Take a joke

  • hvy-res-capt

    This made my day, yall crack me up , love the black jokes

  • Patches

    Oh how wild and zany! What a zany and wacky idea! Won't this be wild and zany and wacky guys? Oh boy I can't believe how zany we all are! Can you imagine the look on people's faces when photos in frames are replaced by (get this!)… other photos!! OMG how wild and crazy!

    If I was 12 this might sound like a good idea…

    • h2opolodood

      Way to almost exactly copy family guy dude. If somebody liked that style of comedy, yet somehow hasn’t seen family guy yet, and they could guess your hilarious tone through text, they’d probably think you’re hilarious and original.
      Or maybe if they had the 12 year old maturity you’re making fun of.

  • Mom in college

    You people are ruining my chive experience. :S Grow up.

    • h2opolodood

      KCCO lady, you put yourself out there, don’t let their ignorance mess up your day.

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