50-year-old abandoned Florida bomb shelter still as good as new (20 Photos)

Via Retronaut.co

  • Aussiechiver

    I think I’ll just take my chances

    • mike~

      For cereal…

    • TMAC

      Where's all the porn? My idea of a shelter must be very different then everyone elses.

    • ChelseaRules

      Seriously. Way to play it fast and loose with the term "good as new."

  • jj. jenkins

    looks like a suicide chamber

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      It's just a dugout that my dad built. In case the reds decide to push the button down.

  • Robert

    Good thing I signed up with Vault-Tec!

    • http://twitter.com/tonydeli7 @tonydeli7

      Prepare for the future with Vault-Tec!

    • BRam

      War, war never changes…

      • zighawk73

        I read that in the appropriate voice, you know…

        • http://www.markalmighty.com Mark Almighty

          LOL. So did I.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      I don't need to read any more comments; this one wins.

    • EvilRoySlade

      Is the experiment for this one how long you can survive without getting Tetanus?

      • _maxPain_

        how true,I feel the need of a tetanus shot just by looking at it !

    • Glenn

      I'd prefer the Dharma Initiative shelters

    • http://www.markalmighty.com Mark Almighty

      I'm ready to enter Vault 42: http://almty.me/dc11

      • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

        This Vault is full of "Gary's"

        and it looks like you'd be taking RADs +5 a second haha ;D

  • tbone

    I don't think he's getting his deposit back.

    • Lev

      Yeah, why is it called good as new?
      "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

  • Mad_Hittman

    This won't do me any good when the Zombies arrive…

  • Mike

    I don't want to set the world on firrreee – I just want to start a flame in your heeeaarrrrrt

    • asdasd

      Maaaaaayyybeeeeeee youuuu'll think of meeeeeee, when you're aaaaall aaaaaaloooone!

  • http://whendutycalls.wordpress.com jonny

    if that’s as good as new, I’ve got a lame joke about bridges to tell you

  • John

    Saw VII ?

  • MattKL

    Does it come with the massive tetanus shot you'd need?

    • mid13

      you'll be fine, it comes with #12

    • Biggus Diccus

      FYI Tetanus doesn't come from rust, it's a bacteria found in the soil. It just so happens that rusty nails are mostly found on the ground and usually dirty.

  • Gijs

    Could do with some paint. Also, looks like a stormtrooper died here. #13

  • Barak Obama

    I imagine this is what paula's house looks like. maybe this is a little cleaner.

  • CreepsAreForKeeps

    The sick fucks behind The Human Centipede will have to come up with another sequel now they have the set boxed off.

  • yeaRight

    I see eBay goodies.
    #4 toiletpaper only used once, bidding starts at $50 (hey, it's vintage)

  • yourdad

    When I saw the title of this post I rather imagined something like the bunker Hal discovers in Melcolm in the middle 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=673689544 Rachit Rai

    This is three doggg aoooooo! Listen up cheeeldren…looks like the good folks down at the Chive have managed to locate the 50-year-old abandoned Florida bomb shelter where your own three dog grew up before moving to the DC area…thats right kiddos…3 dogg was there!

    • coocoocuchoo

      this is why i shot his head off in Fallout…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=673689544 Rachit Rai

        and went back to listening to "Hello nifty America…it's me, your president, John Hen- ha ha, gotcha! Three Dog here, how's everyone doin'?"

  • Robert

    If that shelter can withstand a Nuclear Bomb then I am Henry Wrinkler… *checks birth certificate* Definitely cannot withstand a Nuclear Bomb….

    • R-Dub


  • brian

    Keep you safe from zombies? Sure. But that’s only cuz your gonna die from tetnis first

    • R-Dub


  • chs4p

    I don't think Dexter would use this one…

  • http://Geekson.com Kahless

    If the thing isn't water/rust proof, how the devil is is bomb proof…

  • brandon

    Unless the damn thing has a 3 foot thick blast door your screwed

    • Si1entStatic

      why? i doubt someone is going to precision target a 3×5 steel door in a rural back yard from a satellite. It just needs to keep the Chernobyl freaks from getting in………

  • lonin

    Did they fill it with water for the last 40 years?

    • passwordistaco

      The water table in Florida is all of 3 feet down in most places, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it has. It has most likely been submerged and fighting back water since it was built.

  • mitch

    sick of zombie talk

  • I don't think so

    definitely not good as new … title fail …

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      That's the joke

    • Lisa

      Comprehension fail

    • kirah

      sarcasm is a foreign word to you huh?

    • Ugh

      Please don't reproduce.

  • Striker

    It just needs a sign saying “FREE CANDY” and an air mattress, and its perfect.

  • shadowwight

    So, in other words, you can’t just build ’em and forget ’em…DUH! What a waste. A bit of annual attention…clean it up, paint it, replace supplies occasionally…and it would still be ok. Now, they’re just gonna have to worry about the ceiling collapsing and making a big hole in the yard.

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