theCHIVE is hiring a Prospect

With the mind-blowing underground growth theCHIVE has experienced over the past year, we need to man-up and continue providing our users with the awesomeness they come to expect. The user submits are now in the thousands per day and we do a pretty damn good job staying on top of them, but Mac and Doug need a social life (even though they have zero game) and need help. On top of it, they have both been promoted and we need a new intern.

But we're not hiring an intern, we're hiring a Prospect. What's the difference? Interns come and go, Prospects, if they can handle the mental/physical abuse and half-nekkid girls walking around on occasion, are here to stay. And that's what we need, an eager Chiver who will bust their ass, prove their worth and grow with us. The Prospect period will not last more than 6 months before either being fired or promoted to Apprentice. Once on the apprenticeship path, you will one day be posting your own galleries on theCHIVE as an Author. But you must prove yourself. And that means we need to see INITIATIVE, sitting on your ass all day won't go unnoticed; you must take the time to learn what we do, ask questions, and get to know the Chivers. We can't tell you to stay late and work all night, but if I were you, I'd do it anyway.

As with any job call-out, we get submissions from all over the world and it's a bitch to sift through. That said, we are going to vet the prospects by asking anyone interested in the job to send in a one-minute video explaining why they are the man or woman for the job. You can email us a raw video file or post it on youtube, vimeo, youporn -wherever, as long as we can view the video.

You have till Wednesday, April 4th to email us your video. We will be interviewing the following week, so you'll need to be available if you make the cut. The position will start Tuesday, April 17th. You must live in LA or relocate near Venice Beach by April 17th (if hired). Send your videos to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include your name and location within the video.

For more information on this position, click HERE.

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