20 Best finishing moves of WWE (20 Photos)

  • patriot


    • My name a Borat

      He's just a sexy boy…SEXY BOYYYY!

    • guest

      Snuka's – Super Fly Splash was the greatest of all time

      • _Moose_

        What you said, absolutely, hands down. The Superfly Splash off the top of the steel cage.

      • _m3

        Agreed! Hands down ,the best 'go for it' move off the top rope.

    • That Dood

      Damn right, none of this super kick bullshit

    • your welcome

      But what about Goldburg's Spear??????!!!!!!

    • hunter

      F5 fr sure………#1

  • Gary

    Stone cold stunner

    • Erock

      Seriously, where the hell is the Stunner?

      • Arlo

        No, but seriously…. where is the Stunner?

        • Steve Austin


          I'm gonna stomp a mud-hole in you and walk that sumbitch dry.

    • Wow

      Yokozuna..with the face sit!!

      • Frenchy

        Or Rikishi's stink face.

    • guest

      Rikishi – The Stink Face

    • Top Rope

      Jimmy Super Fly Snuka.

    • El_Hefe

      I've met him a few times.. really nice guy

  • ProductOf85

    Stone Cold Stunner should definitely be on that list!!

    • stunner

      Or is the Chive quickly covering their tracks?!!

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    No Stone Cold stunner?

    • CaptainInsano

      You can't talk wrestling without the mention of Hacksaw Jim Duggan holding his beautiful 2 x 4 in one hand and American flag in the other!

    • Cowthang

      No crippler cross-face? Or too soon?

    • charlie


  • Kyle

    You missed one… THe RAzors Edge by Razor Ramone…


      i said the same thing

    • GAvin

      Absolutely missing the Razors Edge! This list is NOT complete!!

    • X-Pac

      How is there not a Chokeslam on there?….Undertaker/Kane/Big Show/Andre…etc

    • SaskatcheMan

      That's what I was thinking too! And Chris Jericho's was the 'walls of Jericho'. @X-Pac – You're right. NO wrestling list should be complete until Andre the Giant is included!

    • R9B

      Agreed, easily top 5…Who didn't throw a toothpick at a friend then destroy them Razor Ramon style into some couch cushion?

      • Marco

        Haha no kidding. I used to pull the razors edge on my lil bro all the time. Goodtimes.

    • smokeymcbear

      ha, thats the first thing i thought of, an original. that and the DDT by jake the snake roberts.

      • The Eye

        I swear the second I finished this list the first thing I thought was 'where the hell is the Razor's Edge?"

        The chokeslam is another big miss and I personally LOVED Road Warrior Animal's Press Slam finisher.

  • jking


    • Bodhi

      See #3

      • JerseyMatt

        The Chive didn't have it on there originally

    • bob

      #3 man

      • Project Mayhem

        Doesn't show up on iPhone app.

    • asdasd

      What I want to know is how come Jeff Hardy's Twist of Fate isn't on this list.

    • rick

      reread the list the stunner is #3

  • Benjamin

    Now Kiss….

    • Big nipple girl

      You misspelled "rip eachother clothes off and start rimming"

    • Falthor

      Also known as "the Styles Clash" used by AJ Styles IN TNA… if you want to see something brutal look up AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian's botches Styles clash… just brutal to watch.

    • monoxxide

      no you got it wrong it is a polish 69

    • Byron_Black

      I don't understand who is supposed to be on the receiving end. Looks like both are going to break their noses.

    • https://www.facebook.com/yasmine.alexander Yasmine Alexander

      U gross freak pervert

  • TomM

    Chive, really?! PRO WRESTLING?

    New low.

    • jimstarswagg

      Haters gonna hate.

    • gmiddy

      Couldn't agree more, wrestling is for unibrow neanderthals… Not surprising this was posted by mac…

      • mik

        Exactly – how can we compare wrestling to thequality redneck, fat-joke tramp stamp whores we usually get on this site

      • nevermore

        you sir are making generalisations about people you've never met,which is ignorant and foolish.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1253773153 Todd Kingry

        Suck a fuck you fucking suck

  • Lil John

    I like how it's sometimes hard to tell who is supposed to be hurting who.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    So many other good ones. Stone Cold Stunner, Goldberg's Jackhammer, DDT, Mandible claw

    • sucka

      you mean like #3 ? Dope.

      • JerseyMatt

        it wasn't there when they first posted this thread dope

    • NICK CCC

      Goldberg's was one of my all time favorites I thought it was called the spear? but I guess it is the Jackhammer? also the Kane's choke slam was epic too and undertaker's tombstone

      • smokeymcbear

        yeah, i thought it was the spear too, DDT, yokozuma. Anyone remember that fatas guy that would shove his butt cheeks around your fact by the turnbuckles?

        • Catatafish

          goleberg had two specials the jackhammer and the spear

    • thegoodnerd

      If i could thumbs up this 3 more times i would.

  • http://www.antonarnold.com Anton

    Baaaad list

  • Gordo

    This is an abomination of signature moves…There's maybe 4 that should actually be on this list. Whoever edited this must not be a true fan.

    • Steezus

      True words my friend!

    • Lex

      biggest compliment you could give to the dumbass who thought it was worthy of a post. how do you haveta be to be a "true fan" of watching half-naked guys rub up on eachother, and pretend to fight? i mean really, who the fuck wants to watch gay sex on tv? same thing…

      • boohoo

        i think you are thinking of MMA and brazillian ju jitisu.. uh oh, better get out of here before they go all ballilistic.

  • Chuck Norris

    as everyone has said obviously missed #1 finisher of all time stone cold stunner

  • Swampdonkey

    How about macho mans flying elbow?

    • Holy Shit WTF

      They should be ashamed….. OHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

    • G-Unit


    • Cameron

      I agree, how that didn't make the cut is just beyond me.

  • Lee

    And the undertaker doe the Tombstone.

    • facepuncher3000

      its the tombstone! i was outraged!!!

      • smokeymcbear

        agreed… pile driver.. that is done with the head hitting the mat. argh!!!!!

  • Big_Hairy_Si

    "Faith Breaker" is the Styles Clash – not cool to steal another wrestler's finish while he's still using it.

    • Falthor

      true but the list is for the WWE… not sure why the Widow's Peak wasn't on here as well.

  • matt

    Iron Sheik's Camel Clutch has to be on there

    • old

      I was just thinking that same thing. For any fan, as I was at the time, who can forget the industry's most iconic figure (Hogan) being the first to break the CC and win the title.

      Two other moves, from that time frame, that come to mind: Sgt. Slaughter's "Cobra Clutch" and Jimmy 'SuperFly' Snooka's flying body slam (not sure if this ever had a trademark name).

      • Captlazarus

        The Polish Hammer, from Ivan Putski. Not the one from urban dictionary.

        • The Pict

          Don't forget the (occasionally fatal) heart punch from Stan "The Man" Staziak. He was banned for life from the Japanese wrestling circuit 'cause he killed a guy in the ring! LOL

          And good for you old for remembering Jimmy Snooka and his top rope flying head butt. Heck of a showman in the ring, and a heck of a nice guy outside of it.

  • Rod

    #1 That looks like he has just kicked some lad from the audience in the face

  • BTrem

    The Undertaker – Tombstone

    • http://wwe.com fidel altamirano

      the tombstone is the bomb

  • Riley Freeman

    The fuck is this shit? Randy Orton? Shaemus? CM Punk? Bullshit PGWWE.

    Stunner. Rock Bottom& People's Elbow. Sweet Chin Music.* Tombstone Piledriver.* Pedigree. Mr Socko. Dudley Bomb. Swanton…

    • CaptainInsano

      Chokeslam, Lex Luger's back rack, Sting, Diamond Cutter… c'mon MAN!

    • Troy Nolan

      You get a body like those and then mouth off idiot!

    • leona

      look randys the best
      randy is better than u idiot ass hole

  • HRT

    #5: It's called the "tombstone" when undertaker does it. Yeesh everyone knows that.

  • Matt

    Seriously Chive!? Stone Cold Stunner should have been number 1!
    And The Undertakers finisher is 'the tombstone'

    • monoxxide

      don't you know its all fake the pain is real but its a soap opera for men

    • leona

      look randys the best
      randy is # 1

  • Dennis

    the Last Ride anyone?

  • LOL

    #18 The best there was , the best there is , and the best there ever will Be.
    Brett "The Hitman" Hart

    • Tron

      The toughest guy in pink!!

    • VanIsleChiver

      That hold resembles the Boston Crab

    • tapsnapornap

      Get your signed wraparound shades right now!

      • ROR

        LOL, my eye was drawn to the word "porn" in your name

        • tapsnapornap

          Not the first time, some sites won't let me use that one, "Tap, snap, or nap"

  • sheeple

    hmmm…. overwhelming latent homosexual tendencies+men in their physical "prime" combined into "wrestling", and enjoyed by thousands of dumb-asses everywhere.

    'Merica F-yeah
    yeah right!

    • Kinden

      Idiot. Simple…

    • SheriffPablo

      Naw. You're thinking of MMA

      • WTFBBG

        Guys pounding each other to a bloody pulp, and guys playing on the ground together while taking turns putting their heads in each others crotch, are not the same. One is brutal and pugilistic, the other is pageantry and facade.

    • asdasd

      Too bad it's not just an american thing. WWE is an international entertainment sport.

    • Uhhmm

      Agreed! Couldnt have said it better myself. And for all you peeps who wanna say "FUCK YOU YAAARRGGHH!!!" 1 word: Opinion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=528918383 Cengiz Temi

      clearly u dont like wrestling so y are u on this site

    • Troy Nolan

      Latent homosexuality ? You damn right. We gays adore nice bodies like Randy Ortons and when hunks win and flex their biceps, we go wild. You think they don't know that? I've been a professional wrestler all of my life, gay, and I pose for my customers. You'd be surprised how many wrestlers are gay and enjoy beating up the other hunk. You should see our showers.

    • Troy Nolan

      My homosexual will beat your homosexual , Mr. Bigot !!!!

    • Troy Nolan

      There's nothing latent about it. Gays watch these well built men flexing and winning because we are gay. How many straights watch for the wrestling? Very few. Wrestling was made for gays and muscle delight.

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