There is nothing about Keith Apicary’s music video audition that isn’t awesome (Video)

I couldn’t turn away. This man is a God.

Keith Apicary auditioned for a Kimberly Cole music video.
For more of his dancing magic check him and Martin Starr out in ‘Madeon – Pop Culture’ HERE

  • BabyFart Magizax


    • Daisy Dukes

      This is bad. Justin Bieber is bad. This and Justin Bieber are bad. No. Bad.

  • Tyler


    • BabyFart Magizax


    • dkassa

      you FAIL

    • Tyler Parks

      second lol

  • Bob


    • Uhhmm

      haha -.-

  • scotology

    Give that man a gold chain.

    • Kip

      Maybe some gold bracelets

      • jani eats balls.

        but if he got a gold chain, he'd be set for life. no need for bracelets.

    • VAchiver

      you then he would be a millionaire, and wouldn't need to dance

  • MikeHock

    drippin with sex

  • Johnny Snow

    That guy is all kinds of awesome.

    • Evan

      I hear he's a real good shadow boxer too.

  • Straight Man

    Not even funny. Just plain weird.

    • Dick Salad

      Can you say that again? It's a little muffled coming from the closet when you have the door shut.

      • Everyone

        Death to all homos!

    • Jerome Ruwan

      haters gonna hate

  • Dave

    So? Did he get the gig?

  • Yamison

    Nathan Barnatt! His youtube channel is awesome. Especially the Comme un Enfant remix video.

    • NateyTheGreaty

      His series called "Talking Classics" is pretty amusing. And some people might recognize him from the Pretzel-filled M&Ms commercial.

      • norte85

        He's also Trale Lewous, the new Skittles spokesman. The man is freaking brilliant!

  • fed

    forget bill murray, let's party with this dude! uh na nanana nanana, eeehh ohhh

  • Adam

    My mind has been blown…

  • Knobby

    I never thought DDR could get someone laid

  • 54adam

    Haha awesome! No fear.

  • Taylor

    WOW, this guy…so much swag…

  • :-)

    that was great


    Only one word describes this man. ELECTRIC!

  • revmarcus

    Where can I get NASA schweatschirt!! OMFG that man was unreal!! Well done Chive, I hope he makes it big.

  • Csquaredapparel

    can't tell if this dude is real life trolling or serious?

    • Derp

      thats one of his multiple character personalities, check out his youtube page, nathan burnat

  • LucretiusCarus

    This dude my be the most good-humored, thoroughly awesome dude ever. Good job on posting this one, Chive. This almost makes up for all of that fucking cat bullshit on Sunday.

    Except that he's totally an actor named Nathan Barnatt. How easily duped I am. Shame on me.

    • Sam

      What, do you know him from Screwattack or did you just do a quick google search?

    • Nicky

      Agree, this guy is the best. Thanks Chive
      Disagree about the cat bullshit…Sunday was sweet! Its not just guys checking out chive, girls like some pussy now and then you know!

  • ...

    I could have bet my life savings that he would eat it when going into that backflip but my man that guy actually has some moves.

  • Ryan Page

    This guy is made of win!!

  • USMC0331

    dudes a boss

  • mrjimmyos

    He can skate, he's a retro gamer and he can dance

  • TweederMcFadden

    He's an actor, that's a character he plays.

    • revmarcus

      "Now, who wants to hear a nice story about a bridge…?"

  • say what

    That there is talent. I am fully entertained, he totally poned errbody at that audition.

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