Stars and their wax counterparts (38 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #9 why the hell is he there? other wise they do an incredible job

    • Pimp

      Looks like a lesbian couple.

      • Anarchism

        Quick someone take a flamethrower to justin bieber! He could be a wax replica with a speaker !
        If he is you win, if he isn't you win.
        So why not?

    • Deads

      Same could be said for nr16.
      Since when is she a celebrity? Cant we put those fake celebs on a rocket and let them be the first humans on Mars?

    • MykeLaw

      Looks like any standard/generic mannequin in any department store.

    • Big Poppa

      Who's that dummy wiyh Justin Bieber?

    • etcrr sucks

      funny, I think the same thing about you!

    • kidn

      i'm surprised he hasn't been stolen yet.. though i suppose grade 7 girls don't have much access to rappelling equipment.

    • etcrr

      feed me my thumbs up. Yessss, come to me my precious thumbs ups ess.

  • Timin Phoenix


    There is a string in the back. If you pull it 100 times, 99 of them will be about him being Mexican. The other one will be a joke about being a wax dummy.

    • Ouchmaker

      And all 100 are jokes made by someone else before him.

  • Tim Posta

    #1 go fuck yourself

    • Timin Phoenix

      Showing off that Oscar Wilde type wit are we?

  • Me.

    Lmfao #12 Nailed it!

    • Chicago Sean

      Yeah. They captured the douche nicely.

    • Ummmm

      #33 and #16 too

    • Me.

      well i meant it looks nothing like the guy.. anyways..

    • mijo69

      The wax figure looks like Bam Margera

  • Woah

    #13 Actually used his nose after death..

    • Maynard B.

      Even creepier in wax!

      • r@f

        Looks like Rajon Rondo. 🙂

    • Jester

      I bet they had a hell of a time keeping up with the surgeries. Eventually they gave up…

      • Yeah

        shouldnt be hard.. just keep shaving a little off.

    • gonzo

      i think none of the are real

  • Yup

    #16 Both so incredibly fake.

    • Tim

      #2 – I think this one is the best.

      And in Kim's case – think of all the other similarities – they've both been felt up by many hands (likely strangers), very little paint was used on either dress, and in 10 years they will both be living in closets – lonely and forgotten.

    • negative nancy

      gave her a nice little lift for the wax replica.

  • Yes

    #29 I'd do them both..

    • Indeed

      at the same time…

    • JustinBeiber

      Hey guys, I can watch right? Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

      • This.

        I guess so… I mean you 3 have all the same parts.. nothing you haven't seen.

    • yuyu

      That is her twin, dumb ass.

      • Adam

        You're in no position to be calling anyone a dumb ass.

    • Joe

      Seriously I'd like to have one for my house so I can elevate my creepy selena stalker thing to a new high.

  • Joe

    #38 Holy shit that's good.

    • John Q.

      Yeah it's by far the best one, they got his expression perfectly.

    • Ace

      It's waxxxxxxxxxxxin'!

  • snooze

    #9 perfect target practice!

    • EvilRoySlade

      And it doesnt matter which one you hit.

  • dashete

    Just to fuck with people, I want to put the #26 doll in my guest bathroom and have him watch people pee.

    • SadeShadz

      Uh…. o.0

  • Logicyup

    #8 Is creepy good.

    • Adam

      No kidding!! Some of these I had to stare for a little while to figure out which was wax and which was real.

    • Aaron Root

      Creepy good? You must be joking.

      • dan

        no kidding. i thought this was among the worst. right up there with justin beiber and robert pattinson

  • Julien

    I cant tell which ones real on half of these

  • haba

    Dont ever scare me like that with
    #9 #12 chive…wtf..shame…

  • Friar Tuck

    #16 can't tell the fake from the real one!

    • Sauce

      they are both fake…

    • Vinny

      It's easy, one of them is only 95% artificial product.

  • Wet_tosti

    #3 even his wax statue doesn't make eye contact and looks away!

    • lol

      lmao until now i thought the left one was the wax one.

  • Hannah

    Ahhhh they all confuzzal my poor brain

  • Wet_tosti

    #34 Nelson Mandela looks great!

    • Benny

      Dude. Not cool. That's not Nelson Mandela. That's God. Get your facts right.

      • Chicago Sean

        Watch Invictus.

        • Jasper

          Then he is also the president of the United States, God, an felon, a thief, a butler, and a driver. Don't try to paint him into a corner.

          • Jasper

            *a felon. Shit. sorry.

            • SadeShadz

              Hehe, he's God 😛

    • AlMart

      No, no, no…this is the guy from The Electric Company. Don't you young kids know anything?

    • Fred

      Titty sprinkle!

    • Joe

      WTF?! That's Morgan Freeman dumbass

    • Jonathan

      Daaaamn Nelson Mandela, you smell good!

  • Patrick

    Even her own wax-work is taller!

  • Thejay

    Great post, my 2 fav, #21 Julia Roberts and #37 Cameron Diaz!

  • N8orius

    most of these are incredible, some are just horrible.
    example: nick cage and taylor swift, bad. jackie chan and snoop dogg, which one's wax?

    • Adam

      lol, The Snoop one is awesome because his statue looks higher than Snopp himself.

  • milly


    Which one is the waxwork?

    • flygirl153

      The one on the right.

    • negative nancy

      the one where he looks like a llama.

    • loui vito

      The one on the left

  • Anaheim

    #12 the one on the right is the real one, yes? he seems to have more emotions than the one on the left

    • Katie

      No the one on the right is wax

    • negative nancy

      That's a kristen stewart joke genius.

  • saladfingers1

    #36 I would hit both.

    • TerminatorMetal

      With a fist, I hope!

      • Dave


    • Katie

      I don't like when they get the height wrong.. I feel like that should be the easiest part. Besides that, they did a great job.

  • Fr2xedom

    I'll take a #2 , #4, #7, #16, #24, #29, and #36 all to go delivery if you have it

    • Joe

      They fucked up Angelina's forehead tho

      • dan

        and eyes, nose, jawline, lips…

  • Alfred

    half of these are self-proclaimed celebrities, aka nobodies. Taussaud's certainly isn't what it used to be, aka not full of junk.

    • Timin Phoenix

      Celebs are not what they once were either.

      • Dave

        Agreed,Most are shit actors,the dummies would act better.

    • Weener

      Fuckin shit!!!!!

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