Beautiful girls of the Israeli Army (17 Photos)

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  • IrishJew

    Why does everyone think they know so much about what is going on in Israel?

  • DeBoh

    As a gentile Gentleman I would like to say that Hot Jewish girls are hot as fuck

    That Is All

  • rob

    #13 Hott….MOAR!!!

  • Grant



  • Anonymous

    loving this army

  • a.j.

    i joined the wrong army

  • sam

    i had the pleasure of serving with them for 2 years P.S. its the Israeli defence force not the Israeli army

  • Beautiful girls of the Israeli Army |

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  • Toroi86

    #14 – I like where this is going. GIGGITY!

  • Philip Davis

    thier females in service are hot…. y do ours get all butchy

  • rob


  • Bill the American

    These girls sure are gorgeous. I got lucky a couple of months ago with a beautiful Israeli Dead Sea lotion sales girl at the mall. I was walking in the mall and out of the sudden a cute petite dark skinned brunette approached me and asked me in a foreign accent if I was interested in trying the lotion she was selling. She appeared to be in her early twenties and she looked amazing in her skin tight jeans and and skimpy tank top. I sure wasn't interested in the lotion she was selling but i didn't mind having a conversation with this beauty. During our conversation she told me that she had recently completed her duty in the Israeli Army and that she had broken up with her long time boyfriend in Israel. I mentioned to her that I was a divorced former U.S. Marine and then she said that she met some American Marines training in Israel and that she and the other girls serving with her loved them and she said she was hoping to meet a tall handsome American guy like those Marines now that she was living in the U.S.. We were talking very close to each other and she put her hands on my chest complimenting my muscular physique. This divorced 42 year old former Marine did not waste any time and I asked her out for dinner. Smadar, the Dead Sea lotion sales girl accepted and we had dinner later that night. After dinner and some drinks we went to her apartment. At her apartment I met her roomates, an Israeli girl and a skinny Israeli guy with long hair that looked like a crack head hippie. I learned they were also dead sea lotion salespeople and they were really nice. Later on the couple left to their rooms and Smadar and I were left alone. We began to make out and a few minutes later we were at her room butt naked having some crazy sweaty sex. Smadar kept on screaming "ken!" "ken!" I was puzzled by that and I asked her why she was screaming "ken" when my name was Bill. She cracked up laughing and told me that "ken" actually meant "yes" in Hebrew. Well what else can you expect from a country boy like me from Mississippi! The final treat was the next morning as we took a nice warm shower together cleansing each other with some of that dead sea body wash. I haven't seen Smadar since but it was an experience i won't forget anytime soon. I had sex and a free Hebrew lesson at the same time, not a bad deal. BTW, I did buy a lotion from her.

  • jack


  • egenn

    I love womens israeli milatary,, God Bless u all,,

  • http://9889808080 raviksonu

    nice beauty girls

  • myopiafree

    Oy Vey

  • The Walking Stick

    Man…these are some super hot chicks….



  • Ben

    HAHA those are kinnda old photos i can show you 100 israeli army women much more hotter then those women

  • abrar

    ISHAALLAH pakistan destroy israel soon and help palestine muslims ALLAH O AKBAR

  • http://google mohomad nislam

    i wont sex fakin video

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