Hot Right Now: Ol’ pony and Mustang gals for your Tuesday (59 Photos)
  • TheBatman

    Peugeot sponsorship?

    also… am I…. the first…?

    • Jeralin

      Dude is in commercials everywhere now.

  • Jeralin

    Same dude in the new Coke/iTunes partnership commercials.

    His youtube with more sick dancing:

  • Adam Lievrouw

    Anyone know the song?

    • Hoobastank

  • Mike

    Get in the god damned car Johnny!

  • James

    I'm really dissappointed that the chive doesn't know about this guy, he's super famous. Also, it's painfully obvious this is a car ad, they even posed the wheels.

  • James Gibbins

    I love him, he's amazing. Personally I wouldn't consider it "dancing"; I know the word dancing is subjective to a degree, but I think it should be smoother (especially with this music). Same with Diversity/other street-style groups. That said it is truly incredible to watch.

  • scott price

    am i the only one who thinks there are far better dancers then him?? :/

  • Construction Guy

    His name is Marquese Scott and is also part of a group called Remote Kontrol with the scoliosis break dancer from So You Think You Can Dance. check out youtube:

  • Steven

    How does he get anywhere on time?

  • Roof Stoof

    What is this song?!?!

  • Who BaStank?

    Is this what the kids are in to these days?

  • Tj Hurwitt

    what shoes is he wearing??????????

  • Blaine S.

    Nice Peugeot commercial, bro.

  • Tara

    Let's make love – you have rhythm and so do I…

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