• http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    FffFffjjjjJJIiIiIiiIiIiIiIiiiiii…… HhhHhhiiiIiIiIiIiIiIi….. HHHHAAAARRRRRsssssttttt!!1!

    – was it good for you too my dearest minions?

    • amplidudes

      Hey Trolli Molly , i see what you did there. get a job, get a life and gtfo. yaaa, and you know, you don't have to answer. i don't give a shit and didn't read it anyway.

    • Jouhker

      Not sure why you get under skin, but somehow you do.

    • Luke

      Paula you suck and everyone hates you

    • Kyle

      It's not all about you. STFU.

    • http://www.facebook.com/James.D24 James Dobry

      Go home pain in the ass!!!

  • Arcona

    Damn.. that's just straight up epic!

    • brutal

      Lame, it was copied from step brothers

  • Clayton

    This video is AWESOME. reminds me of my daughter doing the robot to Daft punk. Her fav band.

    • soft taco juice

      My 2 year old daughter (who loves babies) always requests Crazy Babies (Ozzy) for her nighttime song before bed. My 4 year old son asks for Hotel California.

      I burn CDs for the car for them all the time and they always ask for "kids music". Latest CD includes songs like Superman Theme song (1978), Flash Gordon (Queen), Who Are You, Shake your tail feather, Challenge of the Superfriends intro song, Iron Man (Sabbath), Stairway to Heaven, Lola, WonderWoman (TV theme song).

      They love rocking out. I am so happy I am not the only dad sharing good/fun music with their kids.

  • Derrick


    • DDD

      Finally some Dads getting some props…..

  • Brian

    The little dude in the back is jammin priceless

  • Dj LiLz

    Bravo….I true applaud this guy……..Good job….now a father to get any child to sing that whole song like that deserves an award…..and he get's all 3………Bravo……please can you Tell us more about this family and maybe add more of these quirky lil Video's……….Good Job up loader as well………..

  • etcrr

    Gotta love the lil guy in the back Jammin on the drums

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1432069947 Teejay Meisterheim

    My dad, younger bro and I use to do that exact same thing! ❤

  • Logicyup

    Hopefully they don't grow up to like some random pop shit and ruin all his hard work. Dad did his part at least.

  • Gotta be fresh.

    Nice job dad!

  • theederv

    The kids are all shit singers

    • AmBush_Steve

      Thanks Derv for keeping my reality in check. After reading all the positive comments above, I thought for a moment that there were no more assholes out there.

      KTCO (Keep Trolling & Chive On)

    • Massadonious

      It's probably because they're kids.

    • Lou

      F you Derv. You're a cunt.

      • DoomsDayDub

        Why so serious?

    • AssmanBiff

      and you hang around truck stops with a mattress under one arm and change for a five in the other.

  • Jay Bones

    Awesome sauce!!!

  • quickr

    eyes on the road and chive on

  • Pooreman1972

    Freddie Mercury was a genius, Bohemien Rhapsody is nearly 40 years old! and will live on for generations to come. Who cares that they are "shit singers" as one troll put it, that my friend is not the point…

    • Chivin' Dutchman

      Well said

  • Matt

    Me and my two boys do this to "This Is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas. They do all the parts in the voices, too.

    • Meghan

      post it

      • unreal_vector

        … or it didn't happen 😛

  • 1 up

    There you go dad introduce them to real music before they come into contact with todays noise.(to avoid unnecessary argument: not all of it is bad)

  • maknakt

    how's that awesome?
    My parents used to listen to Queen, beatles, and else when I was a kid and I tried to sing on it( as a french kid it was hard)

    • garvey

      except being a french vehicle it would have been going in reverse

    • Keep it going

      Because todays youth have some ridiculous idea that artists like skrillex and Justin Bieber actually produce music rather than noises. Simply keeping the 70's alive today.

      • Tim

        I'm pretty sure if you would actually listen to some of Skrillex's less mainstream music, u would see that he is actually pretty gifted when it comes to producing tones and moods through his music. What u have probably been hearing are his dance-music mixes. Which aren't supposed to be refined, but fun. But I do agree Justin Bieber is not real music.

  • RealZoo

    That was awesome. The joy on all of their faces and the fun they were all having…… and it didn't involve a TV/video game.

  • LCP

    Greatest ride to school. EVER!

  • TMJ

    Awesome video. When I was a kid I watched Waynes World for the first time with my dad and sister, the next day he took us to a record store and bought a Queen cassette and did the exact same thing!!

  • Guse

    Whenever they get in a parking garage (or anywhere with an echo, really), my girls like to yell "HEY HO, LET'S GO!" I can't be prouder. 🙂

  • DC22

    sweet….hey Paule…FUCK OFF!

  • mitch

    Rick Moranis?

  • Dusty

    That's pretty cool, but my 4 year old son sings LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It" and The Lonely Island's "The Creep".

    • Josh

      Post a video of it!

    • Steven B

      child abuse


      Parenting FAIL

    • Mr. Eff

      You should teach them how to sing music, like the guy in this video.

  • elbruces

    That's what's called a classical education.

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