The incredible heroism and legacy of Shavarsh Karapetyan (8 Photos)

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    • Mr Schneebly

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    • thetruth

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      • yes

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    • Mitts713

      It's a joke, you tools. Relax.

      • Pete

        As a post a few down, or even on the second page, yes… but as the first post on a post about a man who did what many of us only think super heroes, or those who are "trained" can, then that was well out of place, and well out of order.

    • xanivan

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  • bh4q

    This guy restores my faith in humanity. Chive on hero

    • some-dude

      Makes me proud to be Armenian. I wish I could do even 25% of what this man did for the people around him.

    • Hero_Status


      • Always Last

        You all realize this is a B.S. story right? It isn't true – google is your friend.

  • MattKL

    What an amazing story. The man is a true hero.

    • Tommy Bahamy

      half what this guy is? most of us will never do something even remotely close 2 what this man did…

  • craig

    Thats a real hero, if I've ever heard of one.

  • Chopper

    Russia sounds like a pretty dangerous place to live. But a safe place to get your shoes repaired!

  • Ballin Thomas

    Meh. I once saved dozens of orphans from a burning building that was being attacked by fire-proof sharks. True story.

    • meh

      True Story..till you woke up and your mommy changed your diaper.

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    • Todd

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    • Jack_LeMac

      People need to lighten up

  • etcrr

    Doing what has to be done and putting others needs before his own Congrats to Shavarsh a true hero

    • pleasedie

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    • randy

      i wish you were one of the people on the bus who did not get saved….

  • KCCO

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  • Julio Capo Amaya

    Saved people from water and fire… hes gotta be alien!

    • Mickael Duncan

      Pretty sure wind is next, so be nervous if you see him on the same flight as you.

    • spartan

      haven't you seen war of the worlds or signs?? aliens can't do water

  • Ashley the c*nt

    I once saw a bus crash into a river as well. I was going to jump into save everyone but I had just gotten my hair done and I didn't want it to get wet. Oh well.

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  • dontsellout

    FINALLY a decent post on this semi porn site. Do more of this chive ,we have millions of porn sites but very few entertainment/fun sites.

    • therealguy

      pshh. "semi-porn"? you clearly haven't used the internet if you think the chive is anywhere similar to a "semi-porn" site.

      • facepalm

        Typical chive fanboy.

      • vvv

        actually dontsellout is correct. Chive is awesome but the amount of 'look at these hot chicks' post make it a semi-porn site.

        • SheriffPablo

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            What? You don't remember the layout of Optimus Prime?

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              • Jimmy

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          • someguy

            you sir, are clever and witty. i commend you

        • Pete

          Yeah, I agree – there is lots of awesome stuff on the Chive, but I must admit I tend to skip the yet another girls post – I can go anywhere for that.

          • Cecil

            Yep. Hump days and the gap are nice, but only when tastefully interwoven with other stuff. It's kind of sexist on the CHives part to assume men only want to see women without enough clothing.

          • Careful

            My thoughts exactly

    • phoenixpwns

      Well said dontsellout.

  • craig

    And to think the closest thing young punks these days have to a hero is the wet blankets on reality shows

    • Big Mike

      Shut up grandpa, get back to the old folk's home and watch Matlock.

      • craig

        You should be praising me for being able to use the inter web lil boy. Does your parents know your on here?

      • jack of all trades

        I miss Matlock. Always eating hot dogs and putting criminals in their place.

  • davey


  • Chester

    "The most interesting man in the world"''s cousin.

    • Cecil

      More like his dad!.

  • Farrgar

    What a man, what a wonderful brave and selfless man.

  • Matt

    You've all got jokes, but do you have a Man Card like Shavarsh? Nope.

    • dirtysteve99

      because anyone who feels the need to talk about a 'man card' is a fucking child?

    • Kal

      We laugh to keep from crying…

  • AKStallion

    Great man and a great story. However, a little editing would go a long way here. Out of respect for the sacrifice this man made, couldn't we have least given each slide a quick scan for simple spelling errors and missing words???

    • Logan Ouderkirk

      yea "damb" was pretty glaring…

      • some-dude

        The images were probably created by someone who does not speak english as a native language…I doubt the chive would go through and create all these captions themselves…

    • mickey

      Read this again, then ask the same question…sometimes a bag of hammers is still a bag of hammers.

  • ileney

    You can tell who the true Chivers are! They are the ones here congratulating and complimenting a selfless person. It's obvious you so-called 'Chivers' skipped the story of the Chive's own Drake Earl! These posts (including Mind the Gap Mondays) are what make the Chive the Best Site in the World!

    • facepalm

      You were making sense till you mentioned mind the gap post ,keep fapping to this site frat boy.

      • Shawn

        If you don't like it, go somewhere else. No need to keep putting the same comments insulting people.

        • Always Last

          You guys are funny – this is a fake story.

  • so316

    take out the dumb ass distracting cartoons, other wise this guy is a true hero

    • Jack_LeMac

      So he's less of a hero because someone used drawings to illustrate his story? Someone should let him know

      • so316

        no that's not what i meant, i just thought they were distracting.

  • Navin R. Johnson

    Wow! thats just one kick ass dude!

  • Stephen Davidson


  • Serj

    Every one loves him in Armenia-a true hero!

    • Shar11

      ❤ armenia

  • Insnsprtn

    True heroism like that should be motivation for everyone.

  • Seldi84

    #7 Dudes like a russian Batman

    • some-dude

      Except he's Armenian.

      • Seldi84

        I saw USSR and thought Russian.

        • some-dude

          It's cool. Wasn't trying to be a dick… the communist influence didn't do Armenia much good and bred a generation of shadiness, but at least it saved it from being torn apart by the countries around it.

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