Newly Single Chivettes (31 Photos)

I'm going to start a new bi-weekly post on theCHIVE today, Newly Single Chivettes. So Chivettes, if you need a pick-me-up after the breakup, or you just feel like giving your ex the regret of his young life after every friend he has sends him a link to this page, use our handy-dandy submit page and give the boy both barrels.

As always, creativity is key. Enjoy the very first of many Newly Single Chivette posts...

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  • Mike

    Any of you beautiful ladies need a rebound? I'll be glad to help out! LOL!!! JK!!! no but really…I'm serious….any takers?

  • Mischievous

    #11 what a dope he was. Hit me up, I'd love to text you 🙂

  • Bobby Curtis

    How are any of you girls single. you're all so beautiful. its rediculous

  • Jshrope

    #12 email me(; your biggest fan

  • Brad

    #15 is the HOTTEST & most SEXY VOL fan I've ever seen!

  • Brian

    Number 1 i think your are drop dead gorgeous have a great day


    #8, ill take you on a date you sexy asian you.

  • Cody

    Hey #19 I volunteer.
    Damn some men are stupid you are FINE!!
    Can I have MOAR?

  • tyron039

    Single Chiver in SA shout me a hola ladies 🙂 hahaha

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