Your Michigan Chivette: Jordan (22 Photos)

Two weeks ago, a girl submitted a photo of herself driving to work (above). That photo appeared in 'I Hate My Job' and it caught the Chivers' attention... big time. Talking to Jordan it's not surprising everybody around her at school, and now the Chive community, loves the girl. She couldn't be sweeter if she was dipped in chocolate. I'll let Jordan take it from here:

Hey Chivers!! Before I get into all the stuff about me, I want to thank everyone of you who got me where i’m at! When I saw all the comments and heard about the messages asking me to be COTW, I was in total shock. You guys are badass, so thanks!

Anyway, as some of you noticed in the pictures, I’m a college student living in Michigan. I haven’t really figured out what I want to do yet, but I’m getting my degree anyway. For now i’m studying Fine Arts & Communication, leaning towards graphic design. 

Other than that, I’m a pretty down to earth girl. I love just hangin’ out and cracking jokes with friends! I travel every chance I get, i love playing my guitar, and love, love, love riding horses!! I spend way too much time on theChive (actually, I take that back.. you can never spend too much time on theChive!) I’m always down for a cold beer (but i’ve gotta have some pizza with it), and I’m a total sucker for the Tigers, Redwings, and American fast cars. 

Thats just a little bit of me in a nutshell! I’m really looking forward to meeting you fellow Chivers now that I’ve had this awesome opportunity! It’s really cool knowing people all over the world are Keepin’ Calm and Chivin’ On! I hope to get a chance like this again, you guys ROCK!

P.s. For all you Chivers overseas serving your Country, I'd like to give a special thanks to you for everything you're doing. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys!! KCCO.

Jordan's (really) looking forward to meeting Chivers on her Twitter Page.

Say hello to Jordan on her Twitter Page.

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  • fatbitch

    eh. this girl is average. horse face, kinda fat, chunky thighs, trashy look

    nice try jordan!

    go fuck off now

    • rich

      oh man, i'm chucklin'. thumbs up

    • fatbitch

      I suck at Trollin'

      • rich

        well, you are straight-to-the-point blunt. and that can be pretty funny.

      • MgoBlue

        I'm sure you are just smokin' hot yourself. *Insert tons of sarcasm here

        • carl

          nah, pretty sure she's a "fatbitch"

          • UNCRAZAMATIC

            This guy made me laugh. ZERO HIPS.

    • Kiera Saltern

      Don't comment if you don't like it. This is Chive dude, KCCO, Keep Calm Chive On.. don't cause other people grief, with this garbage.

      • Fuckofff

        Who made the rule that you can't comment if you don't like it? If you whore yourself out and put yourself out there for praise — you gotta take the good with the bad….Mommy.

        • Fuckofff

          Forgot I was commenting on Chive and not 4chan. My bad.

  • Todd Godley

    You are just a beautiful creature. The mold was broke with you Jordan.

    • morganpaige08

      you are a douchebag todd go fuck yourself

      • Todd Godley

        Do you even know what that means?

        • aaaaaa

          have a good life in construction

    • Wrong


      • CoLNo1

        Sir, I see your argument is both articulate and well thought out, but… if I may present a rebuttal, I believe, in my own opinion, that Jordan is

      • Wrong

        Meant Right!

  • mrb

    Here comes the same comments over and over from the guys thta think they have a chance just because they post something. "holy fuck" "amazing" "im in love" "I would"

    • mrb is a douche

      And here is the comment from the guy who thinks he can get the attention he so desperately craves from a woman who would never give him the time of day by being 'original'


    Jordan you are pathetic. why doyou need to validate your existence by posting these fucking amatuer pics to a bunch of gross 40 year old chive staffers whoare racst as fuck.

    use your brain, not your (not so good) body


      I am mayerjacoby!

    • Fish

      Fuck you, Mac. You're a pathetic Douchebag who wouldn't stand a chance getting Jordan's number. Crawl back to your Mom's basement, you rat turd.

    • D.Duke

      I see the typing monkey is back

  • patland5

    #8 What a beautiful smile.. and cuz Bewbs!



  • Atlanta Chiver

    Lost me at Tigers fan, got me back with #3. Beautiful!

  • Someguy

    Why do I never run in to chicks this cool???? I always end up getting the ones that are a little nuts. Let's go on a date

    • HardenLong

      Because your a douche bag and she says NO. Just take my word for it, it's NO.

  • Michel Payette

    #17 Pure beauty. Seems to be as beautiful inside as out 🙂

    • morganpaige08

      pure trashiness

  • Lowrent75

    Your a peach. Keep it up!

    • rich

      seriously? this is the most common grammatical mistake that is corrected at least 5 times a day, every day, on this site and you still haven't gotten the point?

      • Lowrent75

        I will own this one in the fullest.!!! I am a grammar nazi as well. Oh well no one is perfect.

        • faggg

          yo uare a faggot

          • Lowrent75

            Awe, the troll is out from the bridge. Hey little guy, hope you have a good day out of the cage.

        • rich

          you da man, Lowrent. i'm not a grammar nazi, but i just get tired of seeing the grammar nazis correct this error. thumbs up to you!

          • Lowrent75

            No worries man. I consider myself fairly intelligent so to make that mistake irritates me. My Grammar Nazi mother is rolling in her grave. Cheers man.

  • b11

    Dear gawd she's gorgeous #2 #3

  • Vinny

    #21 Gotta love a LAX girl!

  • CoLNo1

    Possibly one of the most stunning Chivettes ever to grace the Chive…. Jordan, and the Chive, I thankyou

  • jhicks8

    #3 #15 #19 god you have gorgeous eyes! #21

  • NCStateChiver

    Super pretty smile 🙂

    • Fred Garvin

      Go Pack

  • Will Brunner

    #20 and #22

    I think I found a new reason to love Michigan…

  • Speny

    She's a hockey fan and…. Sexy sexy sexy

  • Crump Racing

    Beautiful… except I'm a STL Blues fan. Our kids would kick each others ass… I know I took that way to far.

  • Tuff Guy

    I'd last 2 seconds if I REALLY tried.

  • tazz__99

    WOW umm WOW..did i say WOW yet !!!!!!!

  • The Joe

    …Hey Jordan!

  • tv_paul

    Really cute, kinda has that Amanda Bynes look (I like it, I like it a lot)

    #19 #6




    WOW !!!

  • Gee 2

    #3 #19 Oh wow! Schaaaawing! 😀 ❤

  • thrillho

    She kinda has an Isla Fisher thing going on there…..very nice

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