• winfields

    agreed, pretty awesome!

    • mike

      i really wanted the kid to say "clever girl"

  • Drew

    Throw the flare!

    • :o.

      Stay away from the outhouse!

  • Mikey

    Survival instincts? If it takes 20 seconds for them to kick in, Darwinism does NOT favor your kind.

    • T.Rex

      1. He's a toddler.
      2. He was startled
      3. You're an idiot. Darwinism apparently missed your genetic line.

      • Mikey

        Oh, thanks for clarifying. I forgot that Darwinism only applies to adults, who aren't scared, and that it in no way applies to just any creatures abilities to deal with stressful situations with a rapid fight or flight response.

        • guest

          Mikey sounds like something you would call a child not an adult.

        • S.Freud

          As he/she said, you're an idiot.

          There is more at work here than a simple instinctive response to *perceived* danger–and that's the key word here, moron: perceived. We've been 'civilized' for so long and are so far removed from our pre-human ancestors that fear has become a learned response in many situations.

          You're also forgetting that dinosaurs of the monstrous, eat you as a light snack kind are outside human experience–ENTIRELY outside human existence because things like the T-Rex and other large predators had either died off or evolved into something quite different by the time evolution got to work at creating us. Our instinctive fight-or-flight response is geared towards dangers our evolutionary ancestors would have been familiar with: large cats, bears, canines, etc. A child of that age could very easily be afraid of a barking dog (because of the obvious display of aggression and our species' experience with snarling, snapping animals of that kind) and show absolutely no fear towards an animated dinosaur no matter how real it appears.

          There are likely to have been other things at work as well–at a psychological level. He was with his parents; mommy and daddy mean "safety". He's probably familiar with the idea of dinosaurs thanks to their iconic nature within our society so he doesn't see them as a 'threat'. Then there is our society's predilection towards taking what were once monsters and making them cute and fluffy (Barney the Dinosaur sound familiar?).

          In short, that child didn't react as quickly as your intellectually challenged mind seems to believe he should have because (read this carefully–and use a dictionary if the words are too big for you) HE DID NOT PERCEIVE A THREAT. At least not until AFTER he was told to run by his parent. Then he reacted the way his instincts told him to.


          • James

            Congratulations, sir. You win the internets for today.

          • Austin

            It was clearly a joke.


            • S.Freud

              Riiight. When some asshat makes a fool of himself online, what he said becomes 'a joke' shortly after. "Oh, I was just kidding!"

              Bullshit. Retard.

          • tag

            you're all taking this way too seriously. yes the kid ran, but also yes it took him quite a while to decide whether or not to run. fear is fear, it doesn't matter what is "within our experiences."

            calm down and enjoy the video rather than get angry over some comment on the internet which although not sophisticated, is generally just as valid as your long winded one. if the threat was real, the kid wouldn't have made it, and thus he wouldn't be passing on his genes to future generations. survival of the fittest at work.

    • Ekajevans

      Actually, the best thing to do is to not move so they won't notice you. If they do, run because you'll be dead either way. He did it right.

      • Underbaker
      • S.Freud

        You make a good point.

        Also, let's say the kid WAS scared, just for the sake of argument. The fight-or-flight response isn't always instant and we CAN be paralyzed by fear very easily–especially someone that age.

    • Mikey

      I love how one piece of dialogue from Jurassic Park has made EVERYONE a dinosaur expert.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        I love how a cute video of a little kid makes you an expert in Darwinism.

      • Expertanize

        Darwinism actually does not apply to children… It is the ability to survive and mate. It is the adults job to protect the child so the child can grow, mate and continue the species. If the adult fails at this then the child surely fails… If your idea of darwinism applied to children then we would not be here today because you are making an assumption that children have to ability to sucessfuy fight or run (and that they have the ability to even make the correct choice)… They do not… That is the job of any adult of any species to protect the offspring. Therefore your attempt at trolling via acting smart has failed. I'm not saying you can't troll because it seems you can, just pick a different stratagy so you won't look like an idiot. Troll on.

        • fail +1

          Not that either. It's more about genetic mutation.

          • Derek

            And in the case of humanity, offspring are born far less developed. This is to allow for our larger than average brains to pass through the birth canal. This has the disadvantage of requiring the guidance of the parents for far longer than in other species. The obvious advantage of having such a lengthy development period is that it allows for much further intellectual development. In the case of Mikey, it is questionable just how much advantage he took of that opportunity. This characteristic is also present in primates, although not quite to the extent of our species.

            Point being, you're both kinda right.

          • S.Freud

            Genetic mutation is just a part of evolution.

            Most mutations at the genetic level are lethal to the organism in question. Only a very small percentage of 'mutated' organisms survive long enough to pass on the mutation to their offspring.

            Surviving to sexual maturation is, of course, a very big part of it. If an organism, regardless of how beneficial the mutation may be, dies before it can reproduce. . .oh well. The mutation didn't matter.

            So, yeah, A lot more involved here.

      • dr grant

        Paleontologist I believe is how it's pronounced….

    • sam

      actually there are multiple reactions to danger that has developed in all creatures. they include, (1) flight (2) fight (3) and freeze. As many know, dogs are color blind, and actually LOTS of creatures are color blind. This is because many creatures developed a little thing called camouflage. This made it so that differentiating color wasn't very useful in hunting. So it led to that predators developed hightened abilities in detecting motion, this is biologically evident in the number of cells that contribute to detecting motion. This in turn led to the evolutionary development of prey (such as deer) to freeze when detecting a threat. Sure it doesn't work all the time (deer in headlights) but it works better to blend in and hope they don't see you than the move because most predators have better motion detection than color differentiation.

    • DamnNatureYouScary!

      Actually the kid may have better survivor instincts then you. He paused as to not startle the beast or alert the beast to his presence. Then you try to slowly back off and run like hell when you are clear. For instance, a raptor was believed to be capable of running between 30-50 mph, no chance you can out run them. The velocity of a t-rex is debated but believed to be between 11-25 mph with a few breeds being capable of a straight line speed of 40 mph.

  • Urethra Franklin

    F this! I've seen how this movie ends! I'm out

  • Brad

    Fuck this shit….I'm out


    I would've done the same thing!! F that.

  • thaomeow

    I was kind of hoping the kid would literally kick the dinosaur in the face or something, but running away is smart too.

    • buck jones

      I was hoping he would pick up a stick, or ask for a knife or something like that

  • wjaram

    Wrong move, kid. Everyone knows that when you see a T-Rex you stop, defecate on yourself, drop and roll.

    • Matt

      That's not a t-Rex. Running is definitely in order

    • d-wee

      everyone knows t rex's hunt by movement. kid had it right for the first part. does no one watch jurassic park?

  • Say what?

    Find the blonde please

    • JESSE

      are chivers getting too myopic in their endeavors? because I thought the same thing and probably need a break from this site… next month

  • Ranman

    parents are pricks…mom looks smoking…you dont have to out run the raptor, you have to out run a family member…just a couple of thoughts

    • just saying

      That's three thoughts.

      • Ranman

        Thank you for the correction! Boring day at work?

    • jack sparrow

      thats no raptor…

  • Chiv3Reader

    moar of the mom!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/dakota.j.ferguson Dakota James Michael Ferguson


  • BuffaloJustSayin

    Somebody throw a pie or something.

  • CalculatedRisk

    "Mom, thank you for giving me a little brother/sister. He/she will slow you down. I will always remember you."

  • MylesofStyles

    I did the exact same thing after being tricked into watching the opening credits of Twilight in the movie theater.

  • Craig

    We need to take a collection for this kid's future therapy bills!

    Zach: "Then my dad said, "RUN". I wet my pants and didn't stop running…."

    Poor kid. Scared for LIFE

    • T.Rex

      He more than likely won't remember the incident. And the word you're looking for is "scarred"

    • hello please

      Yes, for the rest of his life he won't be able to go within 50 feet of a dinosaur because of said scars.

  • etcrrr

    Pedobear Alert ! B)

    • fuckstan

      He is the right age for you stan….

    • mhm


  • kryvian

    poor kid, took him some time to process and go for the RUN option.

  • William

    That kid just dipped on his parents

  • Ireland4517

    Yummy Mommy!

  • Liam_K

    Oh the Best the kid yelling "RUN! RUN! RUN!"

  • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

    This actually made me smile and laugh at work. Good stuff. And nice gap on the mom.

  • T.Rex

    Ummm. I don't think he's coming back.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    He needed those precious seconds to fill up his diaper first.

  • jimstarswagg

    "Slowest one gets eaten!" haha awesome kid is awesome.

  • KayMan

    didn't even stop to warn the other people

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