• kenhaggar

    Kid was haulin ass!!!

  • Jake

    Find that milf.

  • Jennie Krueger

    Poor little guy. Lmfao that was awesome! I'd do the same to my kids.

  • Harleyxx

    The only thing missing was shooting his sister in the knee so he could out run her.

  • PinkMember

    Awsome kid but can we get moar of mom!!!!

  • plumber hugh

    the kid was right to freeze. the t-rex can't see you if you stay still. he was using his Jurassic Park training.

  • Rayyaan Fayker

    Zak was like "fuck this shit"

  • SL,UT

    just stand still and it won't see you.

  • xfudgenxmeowx

    6 responses to danger =^___^=

  • killa_kella

    Moar Mommy

  • Guest

    Her accent is amazing..!!! where is she from?

  • Da Sandman

    i don't see why running from a friggin dinosaur is an awesome survival instinct… hell even chuck norris wouldn't take on a dinosaur

  • sogrey

    "Jack…don't let go Jack" / "Zach…come back Zach" – You know the voice.

  • Yvonne

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