• noegod

    they have some skill……still a dubstep video!!!

  • OnOneWheel24

    That shoulder blade shit was creepy.
    Also, where is the mute button??

  • Caab

    I've enjoyed every single thing ever posted on the chive except for this video. I would have rather watched the axe anarchy commercial on loop for 3 minutes.

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    best dubstep dancer is the guy from the coke commercial dancing to adventure club!

  • Todd_A

    To me this was just, 'meh'. Not great and from the title (that they named their own video), I was expecting maybe some Bollywood-type of dubstep.

  • Kartik soni

    Your vry looking 4 u passion cool:]]

  • graft

    Music was great, haters keep hatin and go back to watchin glee LOL. too much of the long haired guy making weird faces tho… Nobody wants to see manface…

  • herroprease

    What the fack did i just watch?!

  • http://www.melodiesinfluencingactions.com/digital-music/not-just-another-dubstep-dance-video-video-thechive/ Not just another dubstep dance video (Video) : theCHIVE ‹ ‹ Melodies Influencing ActionsMelodies Influencing Actions

    […] Not just another dubstep dance video (Video) : theCHIVE Tags: electronic music, facebook, function-wpcom, gravatar-init, labels, script, […]

  • Ndog

    1:22 head coming out of an ass

  • lavmdmv

    still say mr. six flags would kick their asses

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