An article on theCHIVE community y’all might enjoy …

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chive lead An article on theCHIVE community yall might enjoy ...

We recently gave an interview to Washington Times columnist Jeff Barrett. I’m not posting this on theCHIVE in a sort of hey-look-what-cool-shit-people-are-saying-about-us! way; as many of you know, I’ve denied interviews to larger publications as I have no interest in using mainstream media to spread theCHIVE word.

However, this interview is largely about the Chivers and the kindness of theCHIVE community. Plus I figured since I’m constantly asked these very same questions I could kill, like, 2 million birds with one stone here. At the very least these are my honest thoughts on the Chive and provide some insight to its humble beginnings. Also, it’s Leo’s birthday today and I thought this would be fun for him to wake up to.

Entire article right here.

Deep cleavage gallery to follow in about a half hour.

  • LuvsHorror

    Kudos, and interesting choice of shoes!

  • a-nom

    Hey John, nice…."We intend it to become the raging bile duct of the Internet" Baahahaha!

  • Notknowing

    Good article. But I want to know moar. Maybe update the Chive on Wikipedia. As for 5 minutes a day? Are you kidding me? It's more like half a day of unproductive work time, dude.

    Victoria BC

  • Lili

    Great Interview! Happy Bday Leo! KCCO!

  • MgoBlue

    Congrats, guys! Glad I have the honor to be a part of it. Chive on!

  • Brandon Prichard

    thanks for the chive john + leo and all chivers and chivettes…i never would have imagined I would fel so proud to be reading that article and think 'yeh. I'm a m.f.'n CHIVER! And it kicks ASS…' chive ON, y'all.

  • ncchiver

    Thanks again for the Chive. It is the daily escape and the road to boob happiness.

  • Andrew Johnson

    theChive is a source of awesomeness and kindness that can't be denied

  • vandal

    No, it's not. I love the Chive but I've already seen 8 out of 10 of the pictures elsewhere a couple of days earlier. The Chive is usually the last to get the latest images. Wouldn't miss the FLBP sections though and there are some great posts but on the whole it's old news on here.

  • Jon

    you guys are awesome and the chive is sweet for hangovers

  • moar boar

    good readin'

  • Kid Sister

    Great article! I feel this wave coming on from theChive. I think this community is bringing something to the table that people don't just want, they NEED. This wide spread, unabashed, community. Community in the way that people often dream of but never push forward to find or create. I love this place because I feel here the way I do with my brothers. I'm excited, everything is EPIC, and I know I'll leave better than I came. This place is a brotherhood where the kid sister is welcomed. Thank you John and Leo. Thank you for making me, and many others, happy.
    Your kid sister. (chivette)

  • Famous Amos

    Thanks Guys. I like the cut of your jib

  • bisketz

    The chive is making the male pinterest! HAH, I knew it would happen sooner or later.

  • macs scumstache

    self righteous dribble


    CHIVE just admityou cater to white people only.

    chive likes SEPARATE BUT EQUAL





    Chive staff, your interview was so fucking self righteous. Your website does nothing but perpetuate the notion that women need to be big boobed, blonde, and white. Inte grate more mino rities NOW. WE WANT ACTION.

    To the people who say, well isn't BET racist, why don't we have WET? FUCK YOU. WET IS CALLED THE REST OF TV. BLack people are marginalized for a reason by you fucks. It is not racist to have BET or inte gration. It is deserved. we live in a culture where white people dominate everything based on institutionalized racism, and the chive is guilty for that . just look at the user comments and see how racist they are, and chive does nothing.

    Chive you failed to mention in your "interview" that you ask users to solicit pictures of women against their will and "find" them. That is so fucking wrong.

    Do you even have mi norities on staff? PROBABLY NOT.


    Email me at chiveisracis t@gmai

    • Dr. Evil

      This coming from the guy who expressed a desire to violently sexually assault the girls in Monday's Mind the Gap gallery.

      Frankly, that concerns me a little. All the girls at your community college should be worried. Can someone trance his IP so we can alert local police that someone one who wants to sexually assault women is on the loose?

  • macs scumstache

    chive posts about as much "cultural" content as I post praise for white people

    • uranidiot

      so if a website has limited black pictures, its instantly raciest eh.. that’s how it works these days just because there is no minorities its raciest well no that’s wrong and your raciest for thinking you deserve equal viewing rights..

      If your not chive worthy your not chive worthy its that simple

      at no time does the chive say anything bad about blacks, whites, Asian, ect. so your argument is flawed in more ways then one. So take your issues and go else were, because its no place for the chive, everyone is equal here end of story. You need to get out of ur 1960’s mentality and realize just because someone doesn’t show 100% black support every single day does not mean in no way they are raciest.

  • Poke4Life

    Great interview fellas! Keep up the good work and KC&CO!!

  • tired

    somebody email that douche a virus.

  • nuccabay

    great article, but seriously, do something about that chivery now…BFM was unattainable again!!!

  • Chive On Wisconsin

    You're a very humble man, John. That was an awesome article and I've been a proud member of the Chive community for the past 2 years. Chive on!

    • Scotty

      We like our FLBP to be nice and perky, not a foot from the floor from having 6 welfare infused children like your women. If you don't fucking like it, go somewhere else……like BET.

      • CommentIsntRacist

        Nope. Not at all.

    • Dr. Evil

      Seriously, shut-up you self-righteous piece of shit.

      I know, that one year of community college you've got under your belt has just given you all the answers, hasn't it?


    • Bdrizzletwizzle

      To set you straight it's the black man/woman who has a giant chip on their shoulder. Stop blaming other people for the short comings in your life. You're acting like the bitch you are and this is exactly why you'll continue to be an entitled angry black prick the rest of your miserable existence. If you can't KCCO then you need to GTFO!

      • Dr. Evil

        He isn't black, he's a guilty white liberal who, again, thinks he has all the answers after one year of community college.

        Oh I'm sorry, he goes to an "Ivy League" school. Yeah, more like a community college in a suburb of a city an Ivy League school is in. And if he's telling the truth, doesn't that make you feel sad? Knowing that someone is receiving an education most of us could only dream about and he's wasting it being an idiot troll?

  • BloodScrubber

    Happy Birthday Leo! And thanks ,for all you do for us Chivers. B)

  • profoundgarage

    I've been hooked on TheChive for several years now and always start and end my day with it and even have it for lunch at times. At first it was just for the laughs and boobs, but when TheChive turned into a community (and a fine one at that) it became something much more. Thanks. KCCO.

  • rufus

    I want some of those shoes !!!!

  • macs scumstache

    yaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

    yaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

    yaya obama!!!!

    finally supports gay marraige

    fuck you republicans!!

  • Steven Vaughn

    MyChive!!! I Cant Wait!!!

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