• bzazz

    #15 We would make a good couple, I don't know the first thing about cars!

  • Micks

    OMG! MOAR!!! #28 #29 #30

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    St op using the sp ace bar s o mu ch…it ma kes you lo ok mo re stu pid than you al ready are.
    Thank you for your compliance with my demands….

  • Wash

    Good lord marry me!

  • tora

    #20 #24 #30 Sweet and hot !!!

  • kayaksurfer

    Really…? Chivette of the week….? Sure she's cute and all but nothing beyond that… some of you guys really need to get out from behind your keyboards once and a while

  • da goober

    congrats on making the Chivette of the Week Kaycie! You are definately are worthy of this post. Truth is i'm finding it hard to decide on a favoirte pic…although your tribute to "minding the gap" #25 is pure magic and that you can fix cars…to good to be true. KCCO!!
    and if you are ever in orange county, CA – your next beer is on me 🙂
    p.s….ok LUV #2

  • Tyler

    Legit in love!!
    You seem like the pinnacle of a girl!

  • Guest

    Ummmm I guess you're alright….ummm why would you send in pics of you half naked? You're not all that…I'm not hating either…believe me I'm not..

  • Guest

    Getting ready for playboy!? Geez…can ya say easy…

  • Sam

    How come there are never black girls doing this stuff?….makes me like them even more..class..

  • Mischievous

    Gorgeous! Couldn't pick just one. Amazing body, smile, eyes… Everything! KCCO

  • spiff

    my dear, if you had bought a gmc, you wouldn't have to fix your car! KCCO 😛

  • Nyrixx

    Come back to Colorado… please?

  • ThatsNotAKnife


    On behalf of all Australians, we approve of this picture.

  • EastBoiseChiver

    Kacie, way to represent the 208!! Go Big Blue and keep an eye out for a KCCO in Boise this summer..
    I want an autograph.. and your number.

  • OoooooNice

    Kaycie, won't you join me? We can partake in my favorite hobby together.

  • sureman123

    who is the lucky one taking the photos….

  • dollbaby

    Not impressed. Too young! I feel like i should go to jail for even looking at her. Very average… Blah. Too pale.

    • True

      Agreed ….nothing special what do ever….

  • AtlanataBurning

    Thanks for the masturbation material Chivette from Idaho

  • MediumJim

    fuck off. if u dont like it, first, fuck off, and then stay off the site. did i mention fuck off

  • Crispy

    #25 It's like there's a little heart down there…

  • sox18

    #30 i just, wow, just kaycie, god bless you.

  • CZDR73

    For all that is sacred and beautiful in this world, keep posting kaycie

  • nyr

    #29 love the pic. cute

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