• Chris Lynch

    Will you marry me 😛

  • Runamuck

    Chive on from Kuna!!

  • billy bob

    there are pictures missing. why?

  • attakid201

    So you had second thoughts about a couple pics huh Kaycie? You really are an Idaho girl, conservative as hell.

  • tigerfan

    Was having a bad day until I looked at this post. Your smile made it so much better! Stay Happy

  • Michael

    Kayce is absolutely one of the most gorgeous Chivettes I've seen! How can you not be into her all-natural, girl-next-door look, sweet smile, amazing body (mind the gap?)(happy hump-day?), and the fact that she comes across humble and someone that you'd have a chance to chill with…

    This is why young men go to college, 30 year old men relish their youth, girlfriends and wive get jealous, and sites like this are SO popular!

    Thank you Chive, and thank you the wonderful parents of stunning Kayce from Colorado!!! And here's to hoping Kayce makes a trip to Arizona once she's turned 21!!I

    Can we petition for Kayce to have a weekly pictoral?

  • Gunny T

    Cute with clothes on and without; wonderful

  • Ralfie

    #20 I totally used to have that same desk in the background!

  • Max

    Her smile is so sweet, but I wanna bury my face in her vajajay.

  • Charlie

    Great smile, good looking, a fixes cars pinch me I'm sleeping. Great job Idaho

  • billy bob

    Kaycie, hope you change your mind and bring back some of the pictures you've deleted. ^_^

  • Doctor_What

    #11 "I can fix cars"?

    No dear, no you can't. That's called "watching my Dad change my oil."

  • BurkeDwayne

    as Todd implied I didn't even know that some people able to earn $5449 in one month on the computer. did you look at this web link (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Jack o' lantern

    Not yet 21 and already posting near naked pics for douchebag frat boys. Where did your father go wrong?

  • jhicks8

    Keep up the good work Kaycie! I didn't know so much sexy could be packed into such a tiny package!

  • its_forge

    #17 #19 more tushie please, that is a very very fine ass. Thanks for all the pics! And I has a sad that we lost 6 of them before I got to see them. Exposed nipple I presume? A little too much crotch showing around the panties maybe? = )

    • its_forge

      No seriously, more tushie please, that is a serious keister you have there dear.

  • Luckynut

    Please tell me your single!!!!!

  • zach

    Hottest Chivette ever! call me when you come back to Colorado

  • sid206

    God Bless You!

  • Majice

    some of the pics are hot! 🙂

  • Kenny

    I got cheated… I only got to view up to 24. 😦

  • DaltonFitz

    Hi there, I see you're 21. Im also 21.

  • Nick

    Very Nice

  • @robnailer

    still the best find ever!

  • @robnailer

    great smile…im starting to get creepy

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