Camera phones: capturing hilarious and awesome moments since 1999 (21 Photos)


    #4 I choose you VIRGINITY !!!

    • yup

      Charmander! Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    • sam


    • Rabidwolf

      holycrap thats TTC! FINALLY SOME TORONTO CHIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BlakeW

      looks like the TTC to me….

  • Mark Wolcott

    I breathed hard through my news on this one.

    • Yeah_but

      Your what hurts?

    • Mark Wolcott

      also through my nose

    • A_O

      i had many short rapid breaths through my nose after reading this comment

    • Brady

      I once heard from one of my Minnesota friends that they call it "duck, duck, gray duck" Has anyone else heard that before? Sounds dumb to me

  • CC Josh


  • noegod

    #12 WHAT! THE! FUCK!!!

    • :).

      Now that's a mouth big enough for Honey Comb.

      • D-Dub

        My heart rate rapidly increased when I focused in on… that.

      • noegod

        Holy Shit, I remember those commercials! Damn! Now I want cereal and awesome saturday morning cartoons! THUNDERCATS HO!!!!

    • Still_MisGuided

      the hidiousness of this picture will forever haunt my dreams… thanks chive

    • tv_paul

      His mom banged Jar Jar Binks.

    • Mike

      Press X for JASON!! *sigh* noone will get that

      • lavmdmv


      • Jason

        I do. I really do.

  • st33

    Woah. That's cool

  • Chiefhenry27

    #3 I see what you did there…

    • Good One

      Hahahahahahaha lol…that's funny…you can't explain that.

  • chiver

    Also mobile ads

  • Oltimey

    #1 still trying to figure out whats weirder….Horse Head or guy in pajamas

    • Eric Walker

      Pretty sure that's sarah jessica parker.

  • stonewall_79

    #17 I hate that kind of people can't leave their stupid cell phones, theres a life going on people.

    • Master_Rahl

      RIGHT ON!!

      • bearjew

        I agree, as I chive from my cell phone…

  • organix85

    #7 So true…

    • Bigs

      $7 for a pak of bacon. Yep, we're fucked.

  • Dibdy

    #7 How true!

    • Organix Dibdy

      #7 true dat

      • Dibdy Organix


  • stonewall_79

    #1 I don't know what's more shameful the horse head or the pijamas.

    • yup

      same comment as above…nice try comment theif

      • nice one

        LOL…**thief…say it with me "I" before "E" except after "C"

      • stonewall_79

        Obviously you don't know shit about how comments work man, comments accumulate until you post yours. It's better to say great minds think alike.

  • sucka


  • tv_paul


    I call him, Mini-Vee.

  • carl

    y'all are a bunch of squirty vaginas!

    • I'm Mike

      Carl…regardless of the thumbs down, you're crackin' my ass up today. Seems like you're hung-over and just feel like fuckin' with everybody.

    • itsashleybro

      i giggled uncontrollably at this.

  • WhyVess

    #11 just made the top ten list of things I must see before I die.

    • Daniel Calugan

      I've never seen them from the plane like that but the Aurora Borealis is definitely a sight to see no matter how you view it, I see it at least once a winter in Alaska.

    • M-dub

      I saw this one time on a flight from Toronto to Edmonton. 2 1/2 hours of looking to the right made for one stiff neck. It was definitely one of the most incredible things I'd ever seen… and it wasn't even drug-induced! :o)

  • Yeah_but

    #14 Soon.

    • Giggity.

      "HEY! HEY! You're not the same giraffe from last night!!"

    • Dr_StrangePants

      How many giraffe pictures does that make for 1 week?

    • goo

      I suspected it was prickle from gumby that took down kim jong il.

  • Jason

    #9 the new teenage mutant ninja aliens movie looks promising.

    • Brodie Bruce

      Shredders gonna Shred

    • jreddy23

      watcha doin?…nm, just gettin ready to do some shreddin.

  • Soneshmuck

    #12 fuckin terrifying

  • Doug

    The Chive, now with sponsored posts. We want a Reef sponsored post

  • Piker

    Sponsor whatever you would like RIMM. your company sucks and you're never coming back.

    • yup

      Think again shithead…BBM 10 will be a game changer…so suck it

      • Static

        if they can get a decent number of devs to make apps.. then I agree. Just the cool camera "reverse time" function is AMAZING

      • tomc0528

        A "game changer?" They've fallen WAAAY too far behind both Android and Apple for that. Keep dreamin'.

  • rawdognbail

    cock balls nutsack

    • yup

      haha earmuffs!

    • I'm Mike

      Couldn't help but read it with a tourette tempo.

  • Orikx

    What am I missing? Why is this funny?

    • yup

      because boobs

    • Simon

      Nope, this falls under awesome.

      Well, it does to me. And that's good enough for me. For now.

    • Chris

      It's the part that astronauts re enter orbit in.

  • Carl Baumgartner

    #12 Well so much for sleeping tonight……..

  • Buntalufigus

    #12 That gave me a good laugh at first, then i was just confused

    #15 if only they could see it! Next step: speaker phone!

    #19 is it the real one!? and if not…SOON!!!

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