• Scott

    John Mayer?

    • Frank M

      Is it just me or does he sound a little like Frank Caliendo?

    • Bigs

      Yep, John Gayer.

    • BafaaBojangles

      Search: John Mayer "dirty pop" or "message in a bottle"

  • HungarianBarbarian


    • nyr8er

      indeed! was not expecting that.

  • BryanT

    I got this version stuck in my head now, but its okay, cause IT ROCKS!!!!

  • RyanJinjer

    You're welcome for all the new subscribers
    Sincerely, theCHIVE (not really the chive)

  • vashfire

    not bad

  • HelenTheMelon

    Wow! What a difference talent makes!

  • Aurora01

    That kicked ass. Much better than the original!

  • http://twitter.com/nelson_melissa @nelson_melissa

    loved it! passin it on! tweeted it to LMFAO

    • SimonDPieman

      ROFL!!! …… oh wait you were saying the band name.

  • this guy says

    that song is no longer annoying but i still some how want M&Ms

  • Janet

    WOW Next years America's Got Talent winner for sure 🙂 LOVED IT !!!

    • mike

      he won't be there. real talent doesn't go on that show

      • Dak H.


  • Whiskey_Drinker

    Damn! That's pretty awesome.. Got some skills and some soul.

  • cheryl

    real music….sounds great….where is the CD!

    • Mickey Anderson

      I'd buy a cd right now! Amazing!

  • kelso909

    after reading the title i honestly thought he took "if you're happy and you know it" song and replaced it with "sexy and you know it"

    *prime example of what having a kid will do to you

  • Diven Algu


  • Duane

    That guys got talent!!!

  • ShaggleROC

    Didn't think it was possible for me to unhate this song. You were surprised by his voice too, huh?

  • AndreChamer

    Wow… That's the first time i actually listened to the whole song!
    Shit that guy got skills!

  • antitango

    Holy crap dude's got a voice on him! Judging by the equipment he's behind, looks like he knows it, too. 😉

    • thedude325

      Yea, I really havn't heard a voice like that except from classic rock singers. Pretty amazing.

  • JStout863

    WOW, just wow, awesome job!

  • DJ Long

    def has soul pin him for days!!!

  • bubblerider86

    Holy Fuck! Who knew that this song could be that awesome!! excuse me while I go listen again…and again and maybe one more 'gain….

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    well done. actually sounds musical…

  • st33

    How do I download this now?!? This guy rocks.

    • st33

      Just spent last hour cruising youtube listening to him. He is fucking awesome.

    • Rocco

      find it on YouTube and use dirpy.com

  • DeltaAlphaOscar

    Skilllz, he's got em'

  • tv_paul

    Looks like Jonah Hill sings like John Fogerty (less raspy).

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