• Mark


    • ano

      I couldnt even watch the whole video, thats horrifying

      All this video did for me is make me sick and make me realize that I´m much much smarter than those retarded russians.

      • Drew

        It's actually a quite old video. Surprised Chive hasn't come across it sooner. I think I saw this 2 years ago for the first time.

  • Mark

    holy crap, first at SOMETHING in my life

    • Redneck

      First Fail

    • haha

      Haha ur still not

    • DoomsDayDub

      At this point, you should just do what these guys did in the video, except let go at some point.

      • Ahmad

        Legend… wait for it Ary

  • Mark

    Damn, it's been one whole minute and i'm still a loser

    • http://www.facebook.com/stoutat Andy Stout

      I gave you a thumbs up for your tragedy…

  • Mark

    smell my pickle

  • Martin

    Russians have no souls.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stoutat Andy Stout

      That's gingers, silly.

    • Lavrentiy

      obviously, most of you American illiterates have never heard of the term "Russian Soul". But hey, KCCO

  • CamLtoe

    That's Russians for ya

  • frank

    Makes me sick just watching them.

    • Jester

      Whoops my hand slip…Oh, I died

      • Weird

        Jesters are usually funny.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.minton2 John Rives Minton

      No shit! That made my stomach turn watcing!

    • Dr_Fap

      Was anyone else waiting for the guy in green to lose his grip and fall?

    • soft taco juice

      Makes me feel like I am going to die just watching them.

      Everybody wants attention from others, I get it. But really????

  • Token Black Chiver

    Its actually just a green screen and a fan

    • Unfkngblvbl

      the dude's shirt would disappear.

      • Simon

        It's not that big a fan…

        • Cool story bro

          because it's green not because of the fan smart one.

    • Guest

      Its real tower in russia look it up

    • ladderzombie

      exactly, there´s actually a whole climbing community in russia, they do that shit all the time.

      • Ned Ryerson

        exactly. it's still pretty crazy but these dudes are obviously in very good shape and know the risks. it's not like it's just a bunch of drunk college idiots up there fucking off. i'm still curious how many deaths come about from stuff like this each year.

  • Lil John


  • jhoratio

    Tell their mothers? She's filming it.

  • T.Bond

    Sign them up for Ninja Warrior!

    • Foo

      Seriosisly! stupid or not, those guys are strong! Finger tip lock offs and planches are no joke!

  • KO617

    I'm having an anxiety attack sitting here.

  • DrMa7moud

    Hope its fake somehow or i'll lose every single bit of my self esteem

  • mike

    Holy cheese. I wanna see the blooper reel from that shoot.

    • noegod

      Sure, except it's not called the blooper reel, but the obituaries!



  • jamesnl

    The dude doing pull-ups is insanely strong..

    • Lou

      And has the grip of 10 tubes of super glue

    • Salt

      I can't even do this with regular size balls, I don't know how they do it with those huge balls.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    My palms instantly start sweating watching these things.

    • Katie

      Mine are too

    • goodlars

      same here!

      • Guest

        same here, and my feet.

  • Guest

    "A lot of Russians were harmed while making this video." – These guys have made it, but there are some human-looking trees in the forrest underneath them.

  • Jean R

    <img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/ppf3/ffn.jpg>Russia is always doing crazy things, even worse than American or crazy, not afraid of death<img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/sdfs78/nnf.jpg>

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      It's probably better to die than live in Russia

  • jamesnl

    Btw, is this the Euromast in Rotterdam, Netherlands?? Looks awfully similar.

    • Frank

      Either I am looking at a different Euromast or they look nothing alike. Would like to see a photo from the ground just to have a little reference.

    • vvv

      This is in Russia. 95% sure.

      • jamesnl

        140% sure

    • Elliot Salem

      This is elektrostal radio tower Russia

    • DoomsDayDub

      This longer version has a bunch of Russian text in the beginning. Someone translate.

      • Keremidko

        Risk – there is always a possibility of bad unexpected things to happen. One can say that even sitting behind your monitor there is a very small chance of a meteorite just crashing into your house. This chance is so small that we dont think about it. The chances of a skilled acrobat and an unskilled person breaking their neck while doing a back flip are different. Conclusion – there is always a risk and it is subjective. Think about this before you judge us.

        Viewer discretion is advised, people with weak minds and people who don't understand extreme activities should not watch this. There is no point in making comments like "think about your parents", "what is this good for", "if you fall this will be stupid" etc. We will continue to practice this and we know our stuff because we like this.

        All tricks are done by people with strong nerves, excellent preparation and after a thorough inspection of the construction, thus DO NO ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

        • DoomsDayDub

          Thank you comrade! I would agree with them. I would no way in hell get up there, but it's their business if thats what they want to do.

    • Turrebo

      This ( http://bit.ly/KxqVYq ) is the Euromast. It's where Russians let their children play while daddy is flipping death the finger.

  • calm2chaos

    Darwin award winners

    • Frank

      Not yet but getting close.

    • vvv

      I don't know about that….
      They are not doing something insanely stupid – they clearly have the strength and the balance to pull it off, not to mention the insane balls of steel.
      Adrenaline junkies and very risk loving – sure.
      Idiots – don't think so.

      • j22

        right. people climb cliffs with no saftey mechanisms. how is this different. a fall from 1000 ft is the same as a fall from 50 ft. youre still dead…

  • https://www.facebook.com/nbogner1 Nate Bogner

    These are the grandkids of men who fought off The Nazi army, by running into machine gun fire until they Nazi's ran out of bullets, is anyone surprised?

    • San Jacinto

      Makes sense

    • AtlanataBurning

      Best comment goes to .. Nate Bogner, ladies and gentlemen.
      Regarding the comment, fuckin' A man. That it's basically true is fucking just fucking… fuck man. "The horror, the horror. The horror. Shit the world's always coming to an end for some poor assholes somewhere.

    • AreJ


  • https://www.facebook.com/brent.misfeldt Brent Misfeldt

    as Red Foreman would say… "what a bunch of dumbasses!"

  • Tommy

    Nice special effects, move along ! 😉

  • Heisanidiot

    Is this their Amazing Race application video? I think they could be contenders.

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