Is it lunchtime yet, because I’m f@#king starving? (21 HQ Photos)

  • Urban Meyer


    • Greg

      Seriously these freaking food posts. Who on here ever eats stuff like this. Not me, oh well, life is still good.

  • BabyFart MagiZax

    #4 best pizza ever???

    • mike

      not pizza.. the Chicagoan bastardized version of pizza designed for fat asses

      • Jeff

        mike – dead on. If anyone thinks that's "the best pizza ever", take a trip to Italy and go to the island of Capri. walk around those streets until you find a little hole-in-the-wall ma&pa place. Order their pizza. THAT'S the best pizza ever.

        • Falthor

          I see what your getting at, but Chicago Style Deep Dish is great in its own right. It's weird but we have some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life where i live now in Windsor ONtario Canada… I have friends and realtives that live in toronto that bring our pizza back with them when they come down, no joke.

          that being said I really want to go to italy and try the dish from it's origins no doubt.

          • dave

            if you live in windsor go to pizzapapalis in detroit. its in greek town on monroe st.

            • Falthor

              haven't been there yet. Best Pizza I found in Detroit so far is still Buddy's…

        • LoFromWisco

          Some of us can't afford the pleasure of traveling to Italy and experiencing fresh made Italian pizza, so unfortunately we must SUFFER with this delicious cheesy creation. I think I'll be okay for the time being.

        • PizzaMan

          Pizza in Italy is not that good.

          • mike~

            Its actually fantastic PizzaMan. But I am def. biased to New York pizza… because I am always shitfaced when I'm there and I eat a lot of pizza.

            • Derek Jeter

              You were probably "shitfaced" when these comments were made. Chicago has the best pizza in th states. Why would someone need to travel to Europe to have a slice of pie? Ridiculous.

              • @drhawks

                I'm with jeter, even though he needs to retire

        • Duh

          Pizza was created in the USA ya tards!

    • CarlosA VFC91

      Now that's a slice of pie!!!

  • loui vito

    Yep, its lunchtime now.

  • RAAAAAAANDY w/ 8 A's

    #13 HOLY SHIT!!! those are some burgers!!

  • KO617

    To be honest half of these made me feel a little obese…in a good way.

  • Drew

    Lunch at the Selena Gomez buffet. Wouldn't need a utensil. Just a napkin. Oh yeah.

    • Drew

      #12 ….. shut up!
      I know.

    • Yoda

      LOL – Many thumbs up your great comment will earn.

    • truth

      Don't know if trolling Gomez or creamy white sauce.

  • Matt

    #1 I need this in and around my mouth right now.

    • troll_the_world

      You spell "dirty hairy ball sack" wrong.

    • Steven

      Slaters 50/50 I think

    • Kade Zachary Lindsay

      That's what she said

      • Office

        Thank you Kade, was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Cortes

      Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle. Aweosme burgers.

    • Lulatsch

      What is it with you americans that you find this stuff tasty-looking?

      I mean things like #8, #11 and #14 look really deliscious, but Stuff like #1 or #6 make me vomit.

      I don't know the taste though but the look is gross!

      • @LuNcH_bOx13

        It's not about the looks, it's about what's inside. Applies in more ways than one.

      • CaptainAmerica

        Lulatsch- Fuck you Frenchy

    • martian maggot

      Is this the right time for a 'weird boner' comment?

  • MOAR

    #16 all of it

    • @xgbarry

      haha moar

    • Unfkngblvbl

      That's some serious fucking PB&J.

    • Smitty

      Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 4th Meal

  • @Thogert

    Heart attack in 3. 2. 1…

  • Red

    I love food porn!

    • badmoves

      I put A mirror over my kitchen table. When my son comes in the room i have to cover my food with a napkin.

  • Oltimey

    #20 not sure what you are but I want you in my belly!

    • HatBomb

      Had the same thought, anyone know what this is? I want it, now!

      • Yumz

        It looks like a french fried potato cut like a Bloomin' Onion and then smothered in cheese and bacon.

      • Kirah

        if i had to guess it looks like a dinner roll (rye, perhaps?) halfway cut with bacon bits and cheese stuffed into the ridges and then toasted……just guessing.

        • HatBomb

          That's what I was thinking, looks to be a whole loaf sliced chopped open and covered with awesomeness and then baked. If no one knows where to get one, I'll just have to make on.

          • Art

            Yup. made this for New Years Eve and it was a huge hit. Its a sourdough loaf cut in criss cross pattern almost all the way down as close to the bottom as possible, then stuffed with lots of cheese, bacon bits, and half a cup of melted butter combined with a tbsp of ranch dressing mix. amazing!

  • DemonDan

    I'd eat #12

    • Dr_Originality

      I see what you did there

    • Brand_n

      Funny enough, because she looks like she's 12…

      • sneakypete

        if there is grass on the field….play ball

      • Dan

        Brand_n is yet another pedophile trying to pretend he's not, but blaming others.

        • yup

          Or… maybe you are just fucked up..

    • ChiveMaster


  • Casino

    #1 – #21 Yep… Yer do’n it right!

    • sploodge

      #21 i bet every stoner went looking for cookies after seeing this

  • NelPit

    #18 One of these things is not like the others….

    • Master_Rahl

      I hear ya, everything else was dripping or oozing some kind of awesomesauce, but this is like veggie porn. I'll pass.

      • Pei Shiming

        This looks great … the PB&J from #16 looked delightful also.

    • Just Sayin'

      WTF, chick food?

    • 0331

      My species spent millennia evolving to the top of the food chain, and you offer this?

    • mike


      • Johnny K.

        Did you know that "Vegan" is a Native American word meaning "Bad Hunter".

        True Story…

  • F3n1x187

    #3 #6 GET IN MA BELLY!!!!!!!!

  • echogeo

    #10 #14
    Surf & Turf

  • ANDY7290

    i have the biggest food boner right now.

  • Sam malone

    #12 must taste like peaches

    • truth


    • truth

      no again.

      • dddddd

        it tastes like mexican food

    • Johnny K.

      I could eat a peach for hours…

  • Brent Misfeldt

    #16 WINNER!!!!

    • Underbaker

      That will do for appetizers.

  • LoyalLAChiver

    I hate you for posting this right now. I'm starving as well.

    • bisonbade

      Not only does he post it, but the bastard had to make it HQ

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #16, #21 – Need. 🙂



  • 11BangBang

    Misplaced question mark…

  • @xgbarry

    #16 I CHOOSE YOU

  • Abi

    I'm going to turn you in to poo.

  • @danieljillm


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