Dopamine dump (38 Photos)

  • Taco soup

    #11 looks like she is saying "bitch please"

  • Mistur Rojirs

    Wigle??? Finaly????
    SHIT! How stupid are we these days?
    Is this just an internet phenomenon? "Too" is constantly spelled as "to", "due" as "do". Can we line these people up and get rid of idiocy once and for all, already?

  • gus

    #8 if you bought an in season strawberry you wouldnt need whipped cream to make it sweet

  • The Mad Zak

    Priscilla sure was hot back then, and hot for many years afterwards, too!

  • the devil


    absolutely retarded, explain that tattoo when the site has run its course,

    no offense chive

  • MasterFlash

    #25, nice try, but still fucking stupid.

  • kitty_karloso

    #3 If she fit the whole thing in her mouth i'd be impressed.

  • sirgallahad4


    Why would you DO SUCH A THING!?!?!?!?

  • james

    #1 ultimate planking

  • Justin

    #16 SOOOOOOO true. #18 that episode was hilarious and #28 im in LOVE

  • katastrophe89

    #8 hot
    #21 omg that can't be real
    #38 duuuuuuude its uncanny

  • Long Beach

    #25. Id put a ring on it ASAP. Just the kind of weird in looking for…

  • nyc2890

    #30 Mother Of God I will Never sleep again

  • AsbestosMonkey

    Stop with the must click pop ups you greedy fucks

  • Gallus

    #23 – I wonder if the author will sponsor a seminar? I'm interested.

  • Danny

    #16 *you're

  • Yann Mathieu

    #28 is stunning! FIND HER!

  • mrboy111

    #30 I thought it was a chick with facial hair at first lol

  • lovewealthy1com

    it is funny!
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  • jojoleb

    #28 FIND HER !

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  • Greg

    #28 is fuckin sexy as all hell

  • Greg

    but is #25 for real or what?

  • Pat


    Pimp, level: Elvis

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