• Dano

    Wow Just wow.



    • Matt

      That was pretty fantastic!

    • 'heeb

      i think i saw a Jew in there.

      • Hypno

        Every time the song said "…or is it this Dancing Juice" a bunch of Jewish guys went by. "Dancing Jews"

    • Jimboisme.

      Please, my girlfriends birthday is coming up and there is a contest to which she can in tickets to front row passes and a meet and greet with a band she loves(which i hate…). But nothing is more special to me than to see her smile so I am going out on a limb… a simple like to this page (http://www.q102.com/common/shareme/index.php?linkid=i5xj0v7bsifycfmhxvcuu3a27o) and you would have helped me through a huge journey to get my love a birthday gift of a lifetime to a sold out show.. I can't explain how grateful I will be to those who take the time to make my girlfriends wish come true. Thank you.

      – a hopeful Pennsylvania chiver

      link again: http://www.q102.com/common/shareme/index.php?link

    • N I G G E R S

      Not one black friend. Outstanding. Looks like not all the Jews were cooked in the holocaust

    • joel

      Some damn good friends, right there.

    • Larry

      I think this is the best proposal I have seen in my life! Great job!

  • deelo


  • Ryebread

    Was that his entire town?

    • Bill

      I think there are more than 60 people in Portland Oregon

      • https://www.facebook.com/caitscottcreate Cait Scott

        Nah, that's just all the theatre people 🙂

  • Applefish

    Wow, my proposal sucked.

    • hokiemct


      • Applefish

        Oh well, my wife still said yes, so I'm happy. 🙂

  • avidd

    Try saying no now. Yeah, didn't think so.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ron.forsteriii Ron Forster III


    It is people like this that make the rest of us look like crap!!

    However, that was awesome.

    • acsbourn

      way to ruin proosals for every man out there

  • DubStu

    Motherfucking onion truck…!

    • huguito81


    • randomness


  • Abe

    "Umm… that was cool, but I'm going to have to say no…" lol could you imagine?…. Well done Bro.

  • Jimmy_Recard

    That was pretty cool. Oh, and find the girl in the red dress.

    • sithney

      she's in the matrix.

      • Anras

        lmao, good one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnnyVontruant Johnny Von Truant

      I agree, something about her…

    • ron

      $5 says she's the one who choreographed the whole thing. She looked like a dancer. And not the strip joint kind.

      • sam

        yeah she definitely had the best moves out there

    • AJ Rantz

      She seems a little drama queen to me, stealing the thunder

      • Bill

        Found… Gina Johnson Morris http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716116093

        Married to hipster #2

        • acute

          that would be her! haha nice

        • dahcj

          Wow Bill, you should be a private detective or something.

        • Applefish

          Ahhhh. She's from Portlandia. That's explains it all. 😉

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    The true definition of "Nailed it."


    Just outstanding.

  • dadam

    Best. Proposal. Ever.

  • max

    he had to do all that to make up for the terrible mustache.

    • LDub

      I'd have to agree…the 70's porn stash has to go!! 😛

  • imbizzle

    I gotta stop watching these videos in dusty rooms. Good job man, made my proposal look like crap.

  • Swedish Guy

    Wow. I never cry. But now I did.

    • Another Swedish Guy

      Funny thing. Same thing happened to me.

    • A third Swedish guy

      Haha.. Same here.

      • A Danish guy

        Same here from a danish guy

    • Jen

      Same here! new bar has been set for the guy that proposes to me

  • Neb

    Who are these people? Looked like a fairy tail! People like this exist?!

    • HOOK

      Agreed, nice way to re-connect with the human side of things.

    • ThatGuy

      You know what a fairy's tail looks like?

      • JHL1

        gnat ass

  • Mad_Hittman

    This was too awesome. But I must admit I expected him to come from under the car for some reason…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      That would have been an amazing entrance! Def worth the rental of a large off-roader!

    • https://www.facebook.com/caitscottcreate Cait Scott

      haha that woulda been sorta creepy. ….

  • From_The_Hip

    Get that man a sammich

  • Guest

    Great job! Glad I am already amarried so I don't need to compete with it. Good luck out there, single guys.

  • Doc

    Wow, that was impressive. Perhaps the best part is using "dancing Jews" instead of the "dancing juice"

  • 0235

    hmm. i think i require an alone forever face here 😛

  • Dan

    Proposal Level: Hipster

    • Pete

      No. Proposal Level: God.

    • Mac

      This WAS done in Portland so you may be correct sir.

  • AussieJB

    Wow! That's awesome, alot of work however I never knew someone could know so many ugly people!

    • dochandy

      sometimes, we don't even have to see someone's face to know they're ugly. hint…

    • ABCdario

      Star lookin at a mirror…

    • FwAb

      The mere fact that these people created this proves otherwise, with an attitude like that youll never know happiness like this, please try and make the rest of your life good, no matter how hard it is being surrounded by so many 'uggos'

    • MeIrakly

      you sir are a cunt

      • MonkeyMadness

        With a capital C.

    • http://twitter.com/icallLTLspoon @icallLTLspoon

      i bet your friends all talk shit about you when you're not around

      • whatevz

        You think he's got friends!? Lol.

  • AFP

    Got to admit that he did a darn good job with that!

    Hats off to you both!

    I wish you luck!

    Chive On

  • bones

    I can't wait to see what they will do when they get divorced!

    • Pete

      Or how she tell him she's pregnant.

    • Name


  • jenn

    wow, this… is amazing!

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