• tyler

    WOW….brought me to tears. My son is now 1 and has a moderate hearing loss. At 3 months of age he got hearing aides and when they put them on and I said "HI" to him the first time and he looked at me and had a huge smile on his face. It just melted my heart like this video. Technology these days is awesome. Though my son will is not severe enough for a cochlear implant his hearing aides allow him to communicate with us now. I remember getting home and being outside and just sitting there in silence as he took all the new sounds in. Its hard at times when people at malls or restaurants make comments about his aides or make fun of my wife, daughter (4 yrs old and signs with her bro and understands what she is saying) for signing to him but we just Keep Calm and Chive On. Thank you Chive for your inspiration to keep moving forward.

    • https://www.facebook.com/tiara.lopez1 Tiara Lopez

      I understand just what u mean. My mom is deaf and has hearing aides. We sign all the time and get these weird looks. My mom taught me that signing is just like speaking another language. I bet u already tell ur kids something wonderful. Just commenting to give some support. Also, think of things like this: the leader of the free world must be "different" why else would they take on such a task. "Different" is a matter of opinion. In my opinion.

  • TIM

    Another just made my day video. Chive…you rock. Now pass me a handkerchief.

  • Weebeast504

    Is this the kid from "meet the fockers"?

  • MacMan

    That made water come out my face!! This is why I love the Chive….

  • Canadian Chiver

    I'm not crying, I just have something in both of my eyes…

  • Mr.Prime

    When people ask me what the Chive is all about, it's things like this that make is impossible to really describe until they've been here and experienced it. 5 minutes ago I'm staring at some cleavage, now I got a face full of onions. KCCO

  • Loyal Chivetter

    That was beautiful, what a sweetheart! And so excited over something people take for granted everyday.

    • Terwilliger

      And Bingo was his name-bo.

  • http://hypervocal.com/news/2012/deaf-2-year-old-freaks-out-when-he-hears-moms-voice-for-the-first-time/ Deaf 2-Year-Old Hears His Mom's Voice for the First Time

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  • Kevin

    I don't know who is happier, the boy or his mother! Thanks chive!

  • Micks

    FUUUUCK this made me cry 😦

  • Justin

    Looks like the baby from "Meet The Fockers"

  • http://www.facebook.com/Supah.Ape Jose Arocho

    Should start a series about his first time he hears music or gets layed? Gets me so stoked to see some one so excited! Lovely lil tike!

  • Kye

    God bless him, truly remarkable

  • http://fusionsocialmobile.com/?p=56786 WATCH: Adorable Tot Hears Mom For The First Time | Test

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  • T.Daniel

    Im a grown ass man I shouldn’t be cryin like this. Thanks a lot chive!

  • chim richels

    After watching this, I just walked out of my office and hugged my two year old son and had tears in my eyes.

    My wife said 'what's up with you?'


  • slyfish

    Wow….just wow !!! This story and the post on Taylor Morris just fills my heart up !! Way to go Chive !!! Keep Calm and Chive on from Moody, Alabama !


    My faith in humanity has been restored. Great Video!!

  • tylerO17

    modern medicine is fucking amazing

  • ImpressMe

    Between this video and the $100,000 raised by the Chivers today…. I feel pretty damn good…Faith in Humanity restored…..Chive On!

  • buckeye

    One great little guy

  • https://www.facebook.com/kaboomfio Angel Jaime

    i work at the electronics company that makes these devices! Love seeing the end product!

  • dugs


  • ED209

    And as soon as he grows up and gets married, that thing is coming right out of of his ear!

  • http://starcasm.net/archives/158767 VIDEO 2-year-old Cooper hears his mother’s voice for the first time with cochlear implant Starcasm.net

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