Tan lines for president (34 photos)

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  • Rusty

    #13 Not only are those bewbs delicious, but those lips make me OHHHHHHH! Never mind!

  • http://www.facebook.com/theresa.savenetti Theresa Savenetti

    #33 i am not a fan of tanning because it really is going to make you look like leather when you are 50, but that is a really cool stencil. i'd risk a bit of skin cancer to have that for a month or two. but i am not going to be a bitter bitchy girl, you ladies are smokin.


    #5 MOAR!!!

  • Ehhh4Canada

    #5 All the way winner that's badass

  • Kayla Mae

    #6 is fucking sexy (;
    && holy tan #32!

  • Suk mi Dickey

    I wanna stick my cock in the gap of #13 8—————~

  • I'm a cat!

    So much more of #13!!!

  • Rick

    #2 and #3 = butt cheek heaven!

  • Irishman813

    #11.. I love your gap to.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #33 Excellent tan line, madame

  • Rick

    #2, #3, #12. Ladies around the world take note; this is how you tan you butt cheeks!

  • David

    #23. Moar!!! So fuggin hot!

  • Rick

    #2, I highly encourage you to keep the tan lines on those gorgeous butt cheeks of your yours. Like, for EVER:)

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