A low down and dirty good time will ensue (34 Photos)

  • Linz

    My daughter has the Barbie in #8. She got it for Christmas and I honestly never realized the box said that.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome pics. Some weird stuff out there.

  • Kenny

    #24 This is why you need to read the instructions!

  • SalsaShark

    Er. What?


  • moeshere foxdale

    #20 Dude thats going to hurt like fuck…LOL

  • MrN00DLE

    #31 i'll be waiting for you in the shower behind you. haha.


    #29: It's either a dry run or a very wet and messy run……..

  • onoku

    #1 is from Jeju Love Land, a sex museum in South Korea. There are much awesomer statues than that too.

    • SkofeALofe

      yup, thats my buddy John in the photo there… I sent in a bunch of awesome shots, I wonder why this one was their pic…. Are you in Korea? I live in Suwon

  • Firsttimeseriously

    #2 WOW. wow. #23 At least a dozen asian visitors to the Chive just came in their pants.

  • cait

    #20 welcome to DCI day 1….. you should remember your sunscreen tomorrow!

  • chopstix

    #31 find her!!

  • no mouse

    congrats on the particularly dirty dar… i think its dar… smells like dar. ive been up for four days and cant tell with all the catch-up chiving ive been doing. but still, thank you.

  • Lightning Strike

    So lols!:D

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