Newly Single Chivettes (34 Photos)

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  • MCPO117

    Robert R Brown
    17 and alone

  • @GuyFromEarth616

    I see a lot of crazy eyes in these pictures, insane Vicky Mendoza reports here.

  • bstone9928

    #6 #7 #17 #25

  • Jim

    There might be a reason why some of these women are single. Maybe they are attention whores (pardon the language). Maybe they have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship is supposed to be about. People say all the time, "oh, he/she is so beautiful, how could anybody treat them so badly?" Well, none of us had to live with them, none of us really know them, so we can think or say just about anything but fall very short of the truth. One to grow on….

  • Rich

    My favorites from this set were #30 I wouldn't chosen a guy over U 🙂 & #32 there's No such thing as a perfect guy, because No1 is

  • Scott Tucci

    #32 100% jerk free 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Darwin, Australia

  • Cody Vos

    #32 I volunteer! I am not a jerk I promise =)

  • Tom_J_S_93

    #10 I'm yours

  • louisvillelaw22

    #32 – Remember. All the nice guys are still waiting around for you in the "friend zone." Right where you left them. 🙂

  • bdg

    Most of these beautiful women end up with douche bags because that's what they want.A normal nice guy and a douche stand next to each other and they'll pick the jerk every time.Even when they go out with a good guy that treats them right for a while they'll always go back to the jerk. That's just the rules of the game!

  • GGwhatYoNameIs

    I wish I knew if any of these beautiful women live near the ATL area

  • Graham Lynk

    Hey, I'm from eastern Canada, I think it'd be amazing to find a chivette!!

  • Graham Lynk


    Please find for me?

  • vinny

    all these girls are awesome! someday ill meet my chivette! chive on!

  • idahocowboy

    wish i had a boat for #17 to lay out on!

  • Jeremy

    #23 please marry me BNABhabhBAHBAhbaa

  • Jeremy

    #28 is right up my alley…looks great in green, dark hair, great smile…looks like someone I could kick back with and just chief a bleezy! 'nuff said!

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    Instead of gushing about how beautiful all of you are and how violently I am vomiting rainbows (which I am), here's what I would tell all of you instead:

    Stay the fuck away from me. I'm boring, fat, and almost too dedicated to my work. I don't smoke, and I don't drink. I am an introvert. I prize my mental health more than anything else. I spend my days gaming, writing music, surfing around the internet, and figuring out new ways to do what I do. I am perpetually broke I am positively convinced that Tesla was a far superior to Edison. I mildly dislike answering the phone. If you are feeling horny and I am not, the amount of sex that will happen will be zilch. Try to seduce me and I'll just get pissed. I also hate the world. There are a lot of things that piss me off, and bad English is one of them. I am 20 and won't enter University for at least two years because conscription. I'll probably get arrested too, because I'm more critical of my country's government than they'd like, and nobody is going to shut me up. I am open about music, but only extremely passionate about Heavy Metal, and I play my guitars obsessively. If I had to choose between you and gaming, I'd choose gaming. If I had to choose between you and guitars, I'd choose guitars. If I had to choose between sex and intellectual debates, I'd choose debates. I also have self-esteem problems because otherwise this comment won't be here. If you finish reading all of this, I congratulate you for caring enough.

    TL;DR, what the fuck are you doing skimming over this comment? Go back to fapping.

  • marinechiver555

    #32 ill be the one for you

  • marinechiver555

    #32 I can be that gut for you

  • andy whinns

    If you are lonely, there is something very wrong with the world.

    • andy whinns

      That I would love to fix, you are truly gorgeous.
      I wish instead of a picture I had run into you at a bar.
      You might still be posting on the Chive, but not in the singles section…

    • andy whinns

      While the half naked shot is Oh So Nice, honestly, that face…it's all you needed to get my attention.

  • Sroder

    #31 gorgeous eyes, #32 gorgeous smile

  • Phillip

    Cum to me 😉

  • Samuel David Houff

    #3 ill fix that!

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