• jay

    Dumb ass!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      dumb boobs*

    • fact

      I can't believe he would pay good money for that…

  • douche baggins

    #3 a pair of tits I never want to feel

    • GernBlansten

      I just want to kick him in the leg to see if they rupture.

  • El_profe

    …… I don't want to love on this planet anymore…

    Just… Why???

  • blutodawg

    As a white person….. white people are weird

    • Steven B

      there was a black dude who just ate a person..

      • blutodawg

        touche, there was also a Canadian who chopped up his former lover and mailed body parts to schools etc.

      • H.Lector

        That's racist. The homeless guy overpowered the poor black man and FORCED the guy to eat his face. Geesh.

        • duhurp

          so, will he be charged with 2nd degree murder now?

          • Eric Holder

            Hate crime.

      • nono no

        the reason that stands out is because it's usually white people doing that shit

  • Kristen

    Well I'm horrified. thanks Chive

  • Noegod

    It's not for me. That's a cool tatt though.

    • kigero

      "Cool tatt though"? no mate, just because it's not the worst ever doesn't make it not awful.

      • Hunter X

        Cool tat? That's one hairy bitch, dude.

    • OKC Thunder

      In comparison to a "Tweety Bird" tramp stamp, yes cool. Otherwise awful.

      • Vent187

        ^^so glad your team knocked out the lame ass Spurs.

    • Cholo work

      Looks like a kid could draw that. Lame work

  • That guy

    Not the burns day I was expecting

  • gordo54

    UGH! (face palm)

  • Guinness

    Where else would you love?

    • El_profe

      If this is where humanity is going, then I would figure something out. Private sector is already providing space travel, they hope for space colonies in the next 30 years

    • Steven B

      Are you loving on the planet with it's consent at least? Maybe it doesnt want your love either..

      • Kobe

        The planet was beggin' for it…did you see how it was dressed?

  • Ireland4517

    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

    • Drew


      • Ireland4517


    • boobman

      Really…you saw that coming?

  • nojoke420

    Headline should read "Complete fucking Idiot does something stupid…no surprise there."

  • Cheesy

    He's got a leg up on some girls I've met

  • HallaKaye

    From now on that's the only girls jugs he is gonna be feeling on. Smooth move dude.

  • shaun

    It doesn't even look slightly good, and it definitely is not going to get him any ladies with big breasts he obviously is obsessed with. All round fail.

  • Greg

    This is a pretty old story,.. a few years actually. What you don't see is that without a proper drainage tube after this kind of surgery, this got terribly infected and his body rejected the implants.

    • thunder88
    • f0urd3gr33s

      Funny, as soon as I saw the first image I thought "that's not going to last" and "enjoy your infection, dumbass."

      "Sure, I can do this. I'll just cut your leg open right here in my dirty studio, blunt dissect my way under the fascia over to the tattoo, squeeze these lumps of plastic under your skin, and stitch you up. No need for scrubbing in, proper field isolation or anything. Hell, you can even be my surgical assistant. Nah, you don't need a mask or anything. It'll heal fine."


      • Elizabeth Davis

        Dirty studio? Anyone who knows Brian knows how seriously he takes his work. His studio is sterile, and extremely professional. Not just anyone can do this kind of work. He is one of the most respected modification artist in the industry. He is one of the very few people I allow to touch my body. He travels the united states doing what he does because he is one of the only artist who does what he does, and does it damned well.
        He is professional, courteous, has amazing bedside manner, and extremely informative. I've never had an infection or rejection as a result of his work.
        You should really research the artist before you comment.

        • f0urd3gr33s

          Sorry I got you all twisted up about it, but, his reputation and your esteem aside, it seems his work speaks for itself in this case. Now, I'm not suggesting any surgeon has a perfect record and I'm not slamming body mods generally. I have a more "whatever floats your boat" attitude toward it. What I am saying is that, based on what is readily apparent in these images, there should have been no surprise to anyone this procedure failed.

          How it might have gone wrong.
          1.) Operator: Isn't a trained/licensed medical professional so doesn't have access to purchasing proper medicaments or the armamentarium to perform what is clearly an invasive surgery. Last I checked, most BM artists learn "on the job" under mentors or on their own.
          2.) Operator: Isn't wearing his mask properly creating plenty of opportunity for bacteria or, heaven forbid, a booger or nose hair to escape and contaminate the wound. (You're welcome for that mental image.)
          3.) Operator: Isn't wearing surgical scrubs or a disposable lab coat creating opportunity for any pathogens on his clothing or exposed skin to make it into the wound.
          4.) Operator: This is a big one. He isn't wearing sterile gloves. I'm pretty confident those disposable nitrile or vinyl exam gloves he's wearing came out of a box that, I'd be willing to bet, was labelled "non-sterile." Those gloves are for examination, not sterile procedures. Sterile gloves come wrapped in layers and the protocol for opening them and putting them on is pretty specific in order to maintain their sterility. Touch the outside of a sterile glove with a non-sterile-gloved hand and it's not sterile anymore, no matter how well you think you washed your hands.
          5.) Operator: Related to the glove issue, as soon as he put non-sterile gloves on and opened a pack of sterile instruments, those instruments ceased to be sterile. Any contaminants and/or bacteria on the gloves would then be on the instruments and, by extension, in the wound. If you take exception to this point by saying he could have opened a pack of sterile nitrile gloves to perform the procedure, let me point out the patient who is wearing a set of non-sterile gloves and holding an instrument (what looks to be scissors or a straight hemostat) for the operator. Nothing is sterile anymore.
          6.) Operator: That's a pretty wide area to blunt dissect through tissue to get to the spot where he wants to place the implant, not to mention that he wants to place a hefty bulge in an area that normally doesn't have one. Does he have extensive training in the anatomy of the area he's working in to ensure he doesn't accidentally damage structures? There's a pretty high likelihood of inducing unnecessary tissue trauma, either to the basal layer of the epidermis, structures within the dermis and/or the deeper connective tissues. Placing that size implant in a location that normally is tight against the underlying structures is likely to cause stretching forces on the tissues and having tension on a wound that is trying to heal is generally not ideal.

          • Tanner

            Well Elizabeth, you tell someone to research, they did. Didn't work out so well for you did it? I think that is what the cool kids call "getting owned"

    • knox

      You'd think they'd have those pictures w/ this post, being that old lol w/e still 5min of procrastination at work. Mission accomplished chive 😛

  • Megalodon Chives On

    And it's on a fucked up tattoo… Smh @ "non-conformists"

  • BostonRugger

    #4 Now a dog will have a better reason to hump his leg

  • Meh

    Misleading title, should be, "Shit for brains attention whore gets breast implants… in his leg… which are the only 'breasts' he will touch from this point forward."

    • knox

      Oh yeah, totally get how "dude gets breast implants on his leg" was misleading. lol w/e still a better love story than twilight

      • nono no

        god that saying is tired…..

      • Meh

        Humor is lost on you.


  • Larry Longarms

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Ben

    This has got to be one giant leap into stupidity.

  • Crowley

    What a loser!!!!

  • Steven B

    i wanna see him play soccer.. and have his boobs pop when he gets a good kick to the shin area..

  • Bree

    Ewwwwwwwwwww…….he is going to forever be alone…..yuck.

  • wow


  • Brad

    Would you like fries with that sir?

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