• Nick_D

    That was excellent

  • Just1waz

    Very very well done. An amazing song and tribute!!

  • Stephen Maurer

    I have no words… but my feelings are positive beyond belief

  • Mark

    I am so sick of auto tune remixes.

  • Matt


  • Jessica

    his face @ 01:26 makes me smile.

    Mr. Rogers is the man. RIP Fred Rogers ❤ xx


  • Brad

    ;( I miss you mister rogers.

  • Flynn

    That… Was…. Amazing. It brought back so many childhood memories… Rest in peace Mr. Rogers.

  • bhifi

    For the first time in my life I think I reclaimed a little bit of my childhood. Chive, keep up the damn fine work….its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  • Paul H

    I'm far too stoned for this.

  • Dennis

    Catchy Tune , Top 10

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