Singapore Airlines offers a private suite at a less than modest price (10 Photos)

Found via Twistedsifter

  • Dan

    Start fapping, hit flight attendant button

    • Slimz


    • Think twice

      greeted by Air Marshalls at destination and spend rest of life on "no fly" list … better to fly to Bangkok, heads up on the lady boys tho …

      • tkokilroy


    • kimera

      More like, hit flight attendant button, start fapping

      • hootie

        shit for 15 grand she better fap me!

        • James Edwards

          Was recently on a flight to the Emirates with similar accommodations. Was very enjoyable, hard to believe I wished the 14 hour flight was longer!

  • RandomTask09

    $16k is a small price to pay to join the Mile-High Club, right?
    Related note: How sanitary do you think is that bed ?

    • bukssna

      Does that really matter? O.o
      I bet your bed is in worst condition…

      • missb


        • bukssna

          Yes worst.

    • heywoodjablowme

      probably about as sanitary as any hotel bed.

      • nojustno

        No one in their right mind would pay for a used bed, but we would pay $100 to sleep on one for a night.

  • FionnR

    Makes the milehigh club a lil too easy to join though, doesn't it? :/

    • hightwr

      You have $16k to dump on an airline ticket? That shit doesn't sound super easy to me…….

    • Devlin745

      Easy as in, Let's shell out $30,000+fees and taxes to have sex? No thanks, lotion is much cheaper.

    • dutchie

      it can be done on any red-eye

  • Anonymous

    yeah , I’ll stick to regular price flights.

  • craig

    Is there a happy ending with this flight?

    • GuntherSquirrel

      For $16k, there damn well better be!

    • SARmedic

      I certainly hope so!

  • p1ll

    I bet that they would not want you to run a black light over the bed 😉

  • motojunky27

    If you could afford that, you could easily afford your own plane…

    • Hunter X

      At least be able to afford to charter a private jet for a flight and not have to deal with us 'common folk' in the airport.

    • Soviet Plague

      $16k is very very cheap compared to chartering a private plane from Singapore to NY.

      • exPilot

        16k will get you from new york to florida on a pj, one way

        • asdf

          On a lower end jet… I work on leasing out a Gulfstream G5. 16K is about 2.5 hours of flying time. that's before ground fees, air control, & catering…

  • Edmonton ab

    #5 Thats a little creepy!! Don't you think so??

    • Mike

      yea…if i woke up to that, i dont know if i would pretend to be asleep and just curl up and wait for it to be over or idk really. probably just curl up, or if shes hot maybe scoot over and pat the empty spot next to me 😛

      • Mike is a tool

        Brilliant English.

    • Meh


    • Joe

      If she was naked… so not creeepy…..

    • Nishtai

      I was thinking the exact same thing… No matter how hot you might be, If I wake up to you tucking my bedsheets, It'll fuck up my sleep pattern for a while.
      Besides, I pictured the cute girl from the creepy looking girl from the "Girlfriend" troll video. A new horror movie is born

    • _Moose_

      She kind of looks like she's whimpering.

    • 13Aliens

      is that the commode next to the bed?…

  • allover

    still going to be boring, just fancy boring. i'll stick with econo-class and some ambian.

    • Soviet Plague

      When you are on a 14+ hour flight, you'd wish/beg/murder to be in first-class. Even though I couldn't afford it, $16k is worth to travel on such long flights.

      • Ner

        i had a 13 hour flight from LAX to Sydney economy and it was easy. Just take advantage of the free beer, watch a movie or two, and take a couple sleeping pills half way through and its nothing bad at all.

    • tralfaz


  • letter bruce

    #5 I like to see where this is going!

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      • BonerBoi

        Happy ending anybody?

  • dailyfun

    #3 this is how rich people roll…

  • Michael

    <img src=>Looks really comfortable and do not know how the price, really want to try 1 time <img src=>

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #4 Hot Asian always makes the price worth it

    • MAGSGQ

      Massage: $550 per hour.

  • kidn

    if you have the money to afford that, then you probably have the money to buy your own plane.

    • Dick Salad

      Yea…no… Nowhere close it costs a lot more fucking money to maintain your own plane. Someone who flies like that wont be riding in a Cesna either.

  • Benje

    interesting idea. Im amazed no one else has thought about it before.

    but for 15k. I doubt I would be wasting that by sleeping. fuck I'd be drinking the (hopefully) expensive bottles of wine and champagne that you would assume be included in the ticket price..
    that said, its obviously not marketed at people like poor lil old me…

    • knotmee

      I flew the private suite from singapore to tokyo. Its dom perignon, and they bring it by the bottle at request. you have to waste some time sleeping though as its the only chance you get to sleep between meetings. when you've got a job that flies you like this they also keep you pretty busy.

  • aaron

    As your walking off the plane surely you would have some regret for blowing 16k…

  • Melbel

    Cheaper than a private jet….but you would have to feel a little like a dbag to be on the same flight with people that paid a couple hundred for their tix! Still have to arrive early and go through all the same crap as the rest of us

    • knotmee

      i flew private suite from singapore to tokyo, and i did not feel like a dbag. and no, i do not need to go through the same crap as the rest of you. there is a private security queue that leads directly to the first class lounge, which leads directly to the plane. they do it right in singapore.


    I will have to stick to Southwests cattle corrals.

  • Kodos

    I'll enjoy flying again when domestic terrorist organizations like the TSA are disbanded and outlawed.

    Oh that's right, they ARE against the law, they just don't give a shit.

    Now be good little sheep-eople.

    • mike

      oh good troll, please enlighten us into how the tsa is illegal. im sure you will provide us with valid examples of how they are illegal and not use the ramblings of conspiracy theorists who wear tin foil hats. now, be a good little troll and fuck off.

      • Kodos

        The Constitution is obviously beyond you.

        Now go fuck yourself.

      • Jesse Garza

        The TSA is a straight violation of the 4th amendment. Not even during the height of Nazism did Hitler even order his SS officers to strip and pat down German citizens. The TSA hasn't stopped ONE terrorist act or caught any suspected terrorists. The machines they use are highly radioactive and numerous complaints are being brought up regarding health concerns by formers TSA agents that have gotten sick. Also the TSA is starting to set up random stop and strip searches on American highway checkpoints and Bus Stations. I wouldn't doubt you start seeing them at the malls and movie theaters of America in upcoming years.

    • Mike

      Kodos is on a no-fly list for trying to bring explosives on an airplane…

      got it.

    • Lisa

      It's sheeple, not sheep-eople. Try again.

  • Soviet Plague

    I bet John and Leo can afford to buy this ticket, what with all the revenue they make on these intrusive ads for the mobile site.

  • driftwoodprose

    Given that's probably a sixteen hour flight, maybe longer and that price tag covers both ways, it definitely would be worth it.

    • Phil

      And it's basically taking up the space of 6 first class seats, I agree that the price probably balances out

  • Shogun 75

    For that price, it had better include full use of the hot flight attendant!

  • Stan Perry

    Flew Singapore First Class to Asia in 2001 and they had a verion of the sky suites then. Speaking as someone with close to 2 million miles in the air, no one compares to their service and attention to detail. On the trip over there were only two of us in first cabin and you could not flinch without an attendant rushing to check on you. While it's true that all of their attendants have a flawless appearance, they also are fluent in multiple languages.

    • Steve

      Yep. Lived in Singapore for about 13 years and their service in legend. These suites, though cool, are yesterday's news. Been going for about five years or so. Emirates have something quite similar too.

    • Look don't touch

      I worked in a hotel where Singapore flight crew stayed, whenever I needed cheering up, I would visit the lobby when the crew was checking out, always a sight for the eyes.

  • SolidusSnake420

    #5 Shreeeeep

  • Tom

    #5 Well as SMALL as those "Supposed" suites are concerned there better be a happy ending before she tucks me in for 15 grand!

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