That’s just my pet Robosaurus (29 HQ Photos)


  • shawn

    if this is in HQ why cant all mind the gaps, flbp, and hump day be in HQ all the time?

  • @justsayoyvey

    i see dragon zord but no green ranger

  • malcantar76

    That thing is just awesome, I wonder if he could let it loose on my in-law's car?!?!

  • SuperDanMan4290




  • Detric

    Wow this thing is still going? This was cool when I was a kid. Not saying how long ago.

  • Ed Martinez

    SHUT UP! and take all my money:D

  • jay

    in a zombie appocalypse im stealing that

  • bee

    Ha I remember seeing this on Pawn Stars! They wanted a Million dollars for it… totally would if I had a million dollars!

  • Stephanie Pappas

    That is pretty bad ass! They should sell lessons to get to operate that thing like they do at the Richard Petty Driving Experience!

  • Berlin Chiver

    Looks like the first version of metal gear!

  • PHARIS88

    This was on pawn stars for like $1.5mil! .. Anybody want to go "halfsies" with me?? :))) Maybe you, Jezdezpez haha?

  • bradk

    need vs. need?

  • BleuJ

    That's the robot for the failed TV show called Steel Justice…

  • Simpsons

    The Simpsons did it first. That is all.

  • Steve

    First thought: Truckasaurus from an early episode of The Simpsons.

  • Some_Guy

    ZOIDS!!! they're real!!

  • Mariad

    Awesome, but he has way too much time on his hands.

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