Beautiful. Girls. (40 photos)

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  • CanadianPiper

    #22 & #27 Damn…just damn

  • Nishtai

    I have never read a post title that was both incredibly accurate and extremely redundant.
    Oh, and I fell in love 76 times in the first 3 hours of my work day

  • EveryoneUnder20

    #5 Wow! Who is that?!

    • Tarkus

      Cindy Crawford (back in the day)

  • DaddyD

    Well, 73 times out of 100. Some of these ladies are pretty spectacular, and some Chivettes are pretty average.

    • CletusJenkins

      Fair. I just like to believe there would be a waaaaaay lower probability of bat shit crazy with a Chivette than a "famous" hot chick

      • The CHivery

        yeah. cuz the chicks who actually get pictures of themselves are obviously the batshit crazy ones…..

        • The CHivery

          paid for*

  • tino grad

    #35 and #40 WOW!!

  • NewtonJamie

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  • utahchiver

    I want to see what #24 has hidden under her sweater!

  • Devin

    Needs more Chivettes!

  • Tarkus

    #35 #26 #25 #1 Thank you, Chive… a stupendous gallery, for sure!

  • Bob

    yes to all especially #38

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    Please, no more girls from MARS

  • hansolo248

    I would add one more beautiful woman. Asa Hope. Its been to long. Also to long since we've seen Dylan.

  • Nate Woodard

    #35 I'd tongue punch her fart box but Chivettes are still hotter.

  • boob_cuddle

    No arguments here. They are all beautiful.

  • Shazzbot7

    Yes Yes – thank you parents for having good genes… you make sitting at work so much more enjoyable – oh yeah, almost forgot #35

  • imbizzle

    #11 Do the snozberries taste like snozberries?

  • Alex Clarke

    #4 is gorgeous

  • guest

    pick my jaw up off the floor and tuck my tongue back in

  • paris 62

    #16 more more more …..

    • Jeff

      @Elwooduk on twitter

  • ChuckNormis

    #38 Whitney is still the hottest girl ever. Belle!

  • Bite me

    Smoking is not beautiful

  • Former Squid

    What is the point of #8???
    And #29 is a natural duckface!

  • seanmcr6

    #38 MOAR & FIND HER!!

  • Chris

    Have we ever found #28?

  • Chris

    *Have we ever found #38

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