• rocknrollguy

    Hey, I'm here to confirm that I use this…it is real, and works fantastically. Just look up "hair fibers/fibres" on ebay, although you'll want to try Nanogen brand first. You can get cheaper brands for half the price but they tend to clump when you try to clean it off your forehead and are just generally messier. I'm not sure why she's rubbing/spreading it here, you're not really supposed to do that, but he does have short hair so I'm guessing she's grinding it in. Let your hair grow out a bit, sprinkle it on, comb through the electrostatic fibres (clings to your hair and gets thicker when you comb it), and then use some hair spray to keep everything in place. Violo…thick looking head of hair and doesn't smear with sweat or rain. It takes some mild scrubbing with shampoo to remove it. Believe me, this idea is a life saver and doesn't run like the spray they had on TV in the '90s. I was about to get a hair transplant from Bosley or something like it ($$$$$) but this changed my life I must say. The only downside, it makes a mess of your bathroom vanity. I can't say I've tried swimming with this…not sure how that would hold without hair spray, but it didn't come off with rain. I work in entertainment, so when the stage lights hit, you could see right through my thin hair to my head. This got rid of all of that.

  • rocknrollguy

    PS. Do we really need more of the Steve Austin/goatee look? Do a DOO man!

  • foohy

    So…what was so special about his neck? The cameraman seemed really focused on that part of his body..

  • Panayiotis Markou

    its real alright. i tried it couple of months ago cause a friend bought it. this is the product http://www toppik com/ . I am so used to my thin hair that I was amazed by the result 🙂 Im a bit embarrassed to post pics before and after :p. Thats not a permanent solution. Its just a concealer. And it gets removed if you wash your hair. Its a good thing for social events where you want to look a bit more impressive imo. Maybe a help if you follow a hair treatment therapy and dont want the world to notice how rare your hair has become until the treatment is over.

  • Herby Sagues
    • Ride

      It works really good for looks…. but watch out for rain, wearing hats, having someone touch or ruffle your hair and so on!
      it's still just hair fibers that you sprinkle or spray on so it is not a permanent solution…
      I used it for about a year and a half until i said fuck it and shaved my head, best decision i ever made!

  • Jonas

    I would rub the stuff over a friends face while he's sleeping.

  • Reggie Noble
  • drbman

    you think what would happen if he went swimming? what about fucking? im coming im coming, my whole head is coming!

  • dave

    It's a scam,you pay a fortune for it and it just rubs off.

  • BlogDog

    Running a haircut video backwards is not terribly convincing.

  • admiral rackbar

    It's the stuff you see in liquor stores next to the cash register that we all just assume does nothing……..wala

  • knifemike
  • A2K

    Meh, I call photoshoped…

  • Mindfuck

    I don't believe this is real… They prob unlinked the video n audio and played the vid backwards while the audio was normal although Idk how that thing could shave a guys head so maybe it is real…

  • @justopadron_126

    apply to your face… BOOM chewbaca face!

  • Guest

    Someone give this shit to lebron

  • Lucas Rappa

    pretty good camera trick

  • PTG

    guys, this is obviously just a video of a guy getting his head shaved, played backward, and with audio dubbed in.

  • Michael Saveth

    This just blew me away

  • Jenna

    he already had hair! it was blonde, pretty much blended in with his scalp. the powder just made it show up.

  • dragon30

    all a load of crap
    i started to lose my hair at 21 so i shaved it all off. still 14 years later a happy man with 3 kids and still getting the attention from the girls.
    so stop being so vain and go with what you got

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