’59 Stingray Racer vs ’09 Concept (30 HQ Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/DrakeFriedman Drake Friedman

    First dawg.

    • F you


    • DoucheWaffle

      The chick in your pic is fucking duck facing. GTFO.

      • WelfareDept

        Two birds with one stone! GTFO!

    • jon


  • big_james

    #1 totally the car SpeedRacer was based on.

  • Jesus

    Give us a close up of the engine! #24

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    So I guess The Throttle is going away…

    • hwath

      Fuck off. I enjoyed this post right here on the Chive.

      • HowieFeltersnatch

        I'm assuming you also enjoy watching cars make left turns for hours at a time as well….maybe you also fap to NAPA catalogs?

        • AssHaterson

          Go fist yourself. I piss on Nascar and all the hillbilly fuckwads that love it. Still enjoyed this post.

          • pbody

            how about you insert a turkey baster into your rectum you podunk fuckwits.

            sorry, i just wanted to be part of the conversation too…

  • Loves boobies

    They are both exquisite!

  • Matt

    I dunno….kinda going back and forth on it.
    seems a lot like a vette in this pic

    • Keith

      It is a vet. Right?

      • Matt

        Right…guess I should've of specified. I was referring to more along the lines the 'regular' corvettes on the road.

        • Matty

          Its supposed to be. This is the concept for the C7 corvette. Not a fan i have to say.

    • Groggy

      I can see that's trying, but I just don't get the Stingray vibe from this thing.

    • designit


  • ReverendE

    The front shot of the 09 concept looks like a Cadillac and the four exhaust tips coming out??? WTF is it going to dispense gum or something? I'm sure it's fast but that's about it. The lines of the old school are insane gutting edge gorgeous.

    • sfb101

      I totally agree with you. The new one needs some help…

      • Shawn

        needs side exhaust like the 59

        • http://www.facebook.com/brian.herbert.35 Brian Herbert

          59 had exhaust out the rear quarter panels. Side exhaust didn't come along till 62.

  • Michael

    Awesome post! I love Corvette's! Thank you Chive!

  • Sonic Boom

    Hey it's the Old Batmobile! I never knew that!.

  • ShouldBeWorkingNow

    Always loved the 09 concept, except for those fucking headlights… Everything else is so sharp, aggressive, and fast looking, then they put the most retarded rectangle headlights on it… wtf?

  • JJT

    This was featured in transformers I wish this concept would have come out though would love to see it on the road or on a track

  • Lunch_Box

    Isn't that one of the Autobots from the Transformers movies.

  • Ovla

    Both are pretty dang ugly.

  • gav

    where is the random girl pic?

  • Applefish

    Sadly, it reminds me of Steve Irwin. Yet, I'm sure he would have loved one.

  • Simon

    Just my opinion – 59 all the way.

  • PrimerGray

    Crickey! I bet Steve Irwin would like to get ahold of this whip.

  • Alex

    Pretty nice.

  • Rufio

    #19 Just don't over produce it. There was a time I liked the PT Cruiser concept. Now those pieces of shit are everywhere.

    • naa

      you liked the PT cruiser ?? wow i wouldn't post that !!

      • http://twitter.com/TAndrewarhol @TAndrewarhol

        Before every auto maker was doing the whole retro look and they were a mere concept I thought it was going to be cool. I now cringe at the thought.

  • SuperDanMan4290

    Shouldn't this be on the THROTTLE??



  • uh...yeah.

    If I were given the chance to drive this or sleep with a chivette I would have a very hard decision to make…

    • mid13

      I would say drive it. I know that's the choice I would make..

    • God

      are you stupid??? take the car. there's plenty more fish in the sea, and plenty more hos working their corners

      • http://www.facebook.com/rossedwarddavis Ross Davis

        You know how I know you're gay?

  • JSBC

    Not a huge Corvette fan but that concept car is pretty damn beautiful


    I believe this will be a fight to the death. Pretty damn badass.

  • wrongcar

    73-73 stingray was art. The 59 racer is just ugly no matter how you look at it, even the little C2 looks better. The new concept is gorgeous and should be more closely related to the vettes of the 65-75 age range not the 59

    • Ranman

      I would have to say the 67 with the 427ci is my favorite of all time. Not many of todays cars will go up in value the older they get.

  • Max

    Mach 5…. no doubt

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