• RJL

    Magically Delicious!!!

  • untamedride

    there were no ladies like you when i was in. i was robbed!

  • Darrrell

    Simply beautiful Heather! Thanks for serving 😉

  • Joshua

    OMG! Heather I am in love.. such a beautiful woman.
    #5 #8 #9 #12 #15

  • Chris

    Totally lost for words except WOW

  • Blazej Prusiecki

    This ex of hers is a one sorry loser :O

  • Brett Butler

    #5 #8 How are you single? Silly boy couldn't handle your awesomeness. Love the ink!

  • marinechiver555

    #1 heather what do you think bout marines

  • Easy B

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Wonderboy

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Rick

    ur ex doesnt know what he missed .. fool

    greetz from Netherlands

  • Franco Valentine

    Dedicating Miguels song "Girl with the Tattoo" to the most beautiful woman I have possible ever seen

  • Just A. Jason

    The dark hair is WAY better.

  • Anonymous

    WOW – SO HOT!!!!!!!!

  • OnlyMe

    How can someone with looks this stunning be single? If I was from the States, I would certainly (and very humbly) ask you out. Unfortunately, there is an ocean separating your home and mine.

    But still, fantastic pictures.

  • Jason

    Where was #7 when I was in Iraq

  • XxxX

    Newly single? Yeah, this slut looks exactly like someone I'd bring home to Mom. "Yeah, Mom, she's a real sweetie, she shows her ass on the internet for a bunch of jerk offs."

  • Kcidasidadym

    That pin-up with cherry blossom <333333333 :p

  • Skyler

    Does anyone know what her MOS was?

  • Sacha

    I cant say anything else then this helps allot too KCCO down here in Afghanistan!

  • Mischievous

    #9 damn girl! Smokin hot. Can I be your new BF?

  • @jumbonionga

    Don't get me wrong. The girl is hot, but I prefer her as a brunet. It's just that there are too many blondies out there and she will stand out as a brunet IMHO.
    Leaving that aside, I volunteer to make your ex know that he lost a great girl and probably rip his nuts off.

  • Brandon

    is it just me, or does anyone else wanna know why she's trying to get back at her ex by posting half naked pictures for the entire world to see? obviously someone is insecure.

  • noelmarquez

    #8 you need boyfriend i'm sigle que hermoso cuerpo.

  • Micks

    well thats a big loss on his side, great pictures you're hot as hell.

    BTW in my honest opinion, you look so much better with dark hair, just sayin'


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