Newly Single Chivettes (34 Photos)

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  • roycepolybuck

    The girls in these photos that have a "Your loss, asshole!" mentality must have psychological problems and/or low IQs. Putting up a photo of yourself in a bikini in the hopes of sticking it to your ex and making him jealous is really stupid if you think about it for two seconds. After all, HE dumped YOU. That means he didn't want to be with you anymore.

    I understand you're feeling burned because a man had the audacity to dump you, and you want to bolster your self-esteem by feeling desired, but your revenge plot (where you go out and pull a train with the Pittsburgh Steelers and email the dirty pix to him) is counter-intuitive and hilariously ironic. You're trying to make him furious, but he probably won't give a shit because, again, HE dumped YOU.

    Ladies, just remember this: for a guy to dump a smokin hot girl, she's gotta be a 24-karat pain in the ass and/or CEO of Bananas Inc.

  • George

    She crapped herself… no, it's just more teddy bears

  • JoeyA77

    Behind every hot newly single chick is a crazy bitch or has a "problem" with blowjobs.

  • Charles Bastel

    #26 has got what it "takes"

    • Michelle Saucedo

      why thank you =)

  • tommytwotime

    #8 i might seriously be in love. find her!!! I want to know what love is!!! I want her to show me!!!

  • redeye

    #3 lets skip the date and get married!

  • phill

    How come I can never fine even one girl like them!

  • Tim Wekter

    #3 wow you have a great body, moar please!!!

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #2 who would do such a thing? cute af.

  • flomax

    #8 i'm in love😀

  • themanonthestreet

    Remember guys… they've become single for a reason… Ahem…

    Jes sayin!


  • Joel Vinson

    #2 is #1 in my book. Yowza.

  • Thor

    #11 No worries there. KCCO!!

  • Thor

    #21 Wow!!! What kind of moron skips out on that!! No accounting for taste.

  • hmcby

    #3, #10, I want you both hope you like to share.

  • carlos_p


  • SCfirefighter

    #15 Where is she from?! I need to know! Sincerely a Loyal Chiver/Firefighter

    • scchivette

      Right outside of Cola🙂

  • Matt

    Number three….I think I love you, what is your name?

  • Craig

    #29 beautiful and # 34- yes!!

  • Litmind

    #24 ..simply w-o-w.

  • Matt

    #2 his loss …. you'd can be my princess😉

  • Brett

    #7 All my life thinking 6 was my lucky number. I was wrong It's been 7 all along. Keep them coming beautiful. His loss.

  • Nathan W. Berens

    Please find the beautiful Chivette in Pic 22! You'd be doing your country a great service! A Chivette this beautiful shouldn't be single!!! Let me show her how a real man treats a beautiful young lady!
    -An avid Navy Chiver!!

  • Rafiki

    #14 I'm in love, Chive hook me up!

  • Kato

    Chive, you guys gotta do a post on Canadian chivettes. Seriously dude, the north is big and there are still unchartered territories up here. Time to explore it, Chive!

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