Newly Single Chivettes (34 Photos)

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  • redeye

    #3 lets skip the date and get married!

  • phill

    How come I can never fine even one girl like them!

  • Tim Wekter

    #3 wow you have a great body, moar please!!!

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #2 who would do such a thing? cute af.

  • flomax

    #8 i'm in love 😀

  • themanonthestreet

    Remember guys… they've become single for a reason… Ahem…

    Jes sayin!


  • Joel Vinson

    #2 is #1 in my book. Yowza.

  • Thor

    #11 No worries there. KCCO!!

  • Thor

    #21 Wow!!! What kind of moron skips out on that!! No accounting for taste.

  • hmcby

    #3, #10, I want you both hope you like to share.

  • carlos_p


  • SCfirefighter

    #15 Where is she from?! I need to know! Sincerely a Loyal Chiver/Firefighter

    • scchivette

      Right outside of Cola 🙂

  • Matt

    Number three….I think I love you, what is your name?

  • Craig

    #29 beautiful and # 34- yes!!

  • Litmind

    #24 ..simply w-o-w.

  • Matt

    #2 his loss …. you'd can be my princess 😉

  • Brett

    #7 All my life thinking 6 was my lucky number. I was wrong It's been 7 all along. Keep them coming beautiful. His loss.

  • Nathan W. Berens

    Please find the beautiful Chivette in Pic 22! You'd be doing your country a great service! A Chivette this beautiful shouldn't be single!!! Let me show her how a real man treats a beautiful young lady!
    -An avid Navy Chiver!!

  • Rafiki

    #14 I'm in love, Chive hook me up!

  • Kato

    Chive, you guys gotta do a post on Canadian chivettes. Seriously dude, the north is big and there are still unchartered territories up here. Time to explore it, Chive!

  • NoZ

    So many lovely chivettes.

  • Robert Wilder

    love the single chivettes

  • David

    #26? Yes please. Legs for days.

  • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

    #24 I'll take it ALL …

  • @GaryMaejor

    #2 Yes Im Loving You ❤

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