theCHIVE’s NYC Meetup is set!

nyc chive meetup 500 theCHIVEs NYC Meetup is set!

It’s been 2 years in the making but theCHIVE’s NYC Meetup is finally upon us. The party will be at SLATE on Thursday, June 28th from 7-10 pm, that’s next week for anybody keeping track.

SLATE’s capacity is 500 people and we’ll be making 500 tickets available tomorrow at 10am PST, 1pm EST. The tickets not only guarantee admission but also pays for all your booze that night. There’s no corporate sponsors, we’re not making any money on this event, we never do, we just want to raise a glass with our Chivers.

Needless to say, these tickets will go fast. If you don’t secure a ticket, hope is not lost, if you don’t mind waiting in line, tickets will be made available at the door on a 1-in-1-out basis.

Also, there will be an afterparty at a Chiver’s bar, we’ll announce that location shortly.

I’ll have all the details for you tomorrow when the tickets go live but I just wanted to give everybody a heads up.

We’re all looking forward to this, it should be a proper shit show,

John n’ Leo

  • Jess

    driving down from New Hampshire, looking forward to meeting you guys

    • ksc

      where in NH are you leaving from? Need someone to keep you company on the ride? Would love to meet some fellow NH chivers.

      • Jimmy

        Wish I could tag along too!

        Kcco, a NH chiver

  • working class

    having been to the chicago meetup i will say these guys know how to throw down

  • sarah

    woo hoo! just down the street from me! i'll bring a few nice girls 🙂 ❤

    • Nerd alert

      Haha sureee you will…

    • Anton Berisha

      Well, at least they'll be a few girls there.

  • yup

    I'm going to the izismile meet up in Crapo, Maryland. Have fun.

    • FICKLE

      See you there!

    • Youraloser


  • Nick Salty Kosul

    Coming up from SLAYERVILLE NJ for sure!!!

    • NJsRatedR

      Nice ill represent s. Plainfield!

    • Robert Galante

      i'll be repping Sayrville as well!!!

      • sherry


        • evn

          middletown reppp

  • Tony Gomez

    Claims tickets
    Sells on ebay.
    Now able to afford black KKCO shirt.

    • Tony Gomez

      gets more tickets to sell to pay for typing school.

  • claire

    i'm guessing they go for a pretty penny on ebay.

  • Heh

    Afterparty at "a Chiver's bar" will be an awesome experience for that bar-owning Chiver. Awesome.

  • TxChiver

    So that rumored Austin, TX meet up …. I hope to hell that comes true.

    • Cory Brundige

      thats what im saying. show the chive how the ATX gets down on 6th

      • YaYo

        forget 6th…to many kids. SoCo would be a lot better.

    • TheCoach

      How bout we take over Rainey Street and make it a block party?!?!

  • Marc D'Annunzio

    "A proper shit show" – I'm in!

  • homeboy

    Rob Emerick has been waiting for this his whole life

  • Daniel Tosh

    Sweet! ANOTHER Chive sausage-fest where 500 guys and 3 girls show up, count me in!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Chive, if you get sponsorship but donate the proceeds to charity, I doubt anyone will complain.

  • Jason

    Dude….come to Hot-lanta

    • AtlChiver

      Second that!

      • Jack


        • Rich


          • Thatguy

            Hell yeah

  • Ryan

    Ive been there for a charity event. Nice bar, tons of pool tables

  • Jeff A

    Any possibility to limiting ticket sales to those actually living in NYC by billing zip code? I would hate to have to buy mine off e-bay.


    • Trevyn

      Flying in from Calgary for work, would be a shame if i couldn't buy a ticket….

      • Jeff A

        Unfortunately there is no way to differentiate between those cool enough to fly in and the douches who make things harder for a few extra dollars. Been trying to get a ticket to book of Mormon for a year. That play, for example, has been fully-douched. Maybe a quiz before buying would be required. Pass = ticket. Fail = Douche.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    Come back to Chicago!!

  • Anton Berisha

    Claire "splits gir" better be there!

    • Anton Berisha

      Girl* I got a little excited!

  • Seattlechiver

    Seattle…next in line possibly?

    • Ouch!

      I'm in!

  • Guest

    Boston meetup please!

    • Dutchmaster

      How's about Boston goes and fucks itself

      The rest of the united states

  • first page

    first page

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    that's great… i'm in cincinnati… give me DAR!

  • Felcus

    Make the tickets available by Will Call only. That will eliminate scalpers.

  • Josh the Jester

    OH ITS ON!!!!! BOO YA KASHA!!!!!

  • Christopher DeMunbrun

    If I don't get a ticket tomorrow and show up with two vetted chivettes at the door can we make the capacity 503?

    • Macro

      Look at that mug, you don't know two girls.

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