The Chivettes with girl crushes, Megan n’ Meaghan (30 Photos)

So I guess this all started with the photo below. Meaghan J, the voluptuous Chivette from Northern Michigan took to her Twitter Machine and admitted to having a crush on Megan W, the beer guzzling brunette from Nebraska. I'm sure the Chivers would like to weigh in on the situation so…

Meaghan J's Twitter Machine.

Megan W's Twitter Machine.

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  • gdm426

    #12 winner winner boobalishish dinner

  • kyle

    Post more pics and show moree

  • sunburnismytan

    Troll, I'm tisk tisking for even replying….KCCO

  • nuccabay

    #12 you should wear that to my cottage on elk lake over the 4th

  • SoCalChiver

    #11 #21
    So sexy!

  • Cassie W.

    I love it!!!! I'm totally into it….there's nothing hotter than a woman…except more than one woman….I'd join in too!!!

  • Brad Daddy

    Why are the pics not loding?

  • Murph


  • O_O

    I love those ❤

  • nerpnerp

    Megan and Meaghan are both 16. I bought them that Rolling Rock and screwed the dog piss out of them! Total sluts!! Both begged for it up the ass!

  • Jewel Eva McCullers

    Lets do something involving 3 people ;).

  • seth

    does she need someone to watch those vids and play those games with her????????????

  • Eman3212

    #9 #12 #13
    One word, damn. 🙂

  • DanTheNerdMan

  • Mohammadkasra

    Hi Meaghan:) I’m thrilled your mom srehad your site. You have grown so much from the little girl who came to see my puppies! I really like your sense of style, not everyone can carry off the hair style and it is perfect on you. Your smile lights up your whole being, remember to shine it on the world! Chester looks pretty pleased with his state of pug-dom don’t suppose you have anything to do with that, hmmm?Celebrate being you, you’re very pretty!Cyd

  • cesc_entreri

    You like beer, you like Battlestar, and your beautiful! Light! Those are the three B's! I"m down on bended knee! Marry me please!

  • jeff

    I now love northern michigan, bill murray ,nebraska and i will continue to love rolling rock."33" oh and the most important, epic boobs Cpl DeYoung. MI native

  • Parkhill Billips

    The second girl may be the one for me.

  • SierraGolf

    #9 The most beautiful, amazing, natural smile…marry me!

  • Peter

    Absolutely Wonderful smile!

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