Hot Right Now: Fun facts about Playboy’s ‘Playmate of the Year’ (16 Photos)

Want vs Need (40 photos)

  • Alan

    Let me guess. One three-foot hot dog costs twice as much as what three foot-longs would cost.

    (Either that or the three-footer costs the same, but they charge you ten dollars for the fork and knife)


  • dandude

    #1 I both want and need those

  • tanner

    I love you.

  • WhatTha

    #13 DAFUQ?

  • troy

    the burgers in #30 really spoil that picture

  • 99mike

    #23 Dammit…I've been craving a root beer float all day…and this just seals the deal. google search A&W Minneapolis…

  • Danger

    #30 I'll take those quadruple bypass burgers off your hands ladies……so your hands will be free to strip yourselves naked!

  • stumeister

    #17 and #40 SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY !!!!

  • millertime

    #36 please find must have moar!

  • Dan

    #36 is gorgeous

  • Cheskat32

    I like #11 the self stirring mug

  • Hedonista


    Corona – what a waste of money

  • Frank

    #22 #30 and #36 are all I need because they would keep me busy for quite a while.

  • Derek

    WHAT restaurant!!! is that!

  • Josh Davis

    #18 Only in Texas..

  • Se7eneightnine

    #36 is a beauty. Please find her

  • Josiah Rayburn

    #18 oh dear God heart burn…

  • Jeff Ingram

    So, I'm confused. We don't need this stuff? I feel that's a very wrong statement.

  • The CaliGuy

    All needs

  • Alex

    Does anyone know where I can find #20?

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