Steampunk girls are a whole different breed (24 Photos)

  • chocofishez

    Hot chicks are still hot even in stupid outfits

  • Spas

    I had no idea what this style was called before seeing this. If i'm not mistaken is the Bioshock style which i very much dislike in games but apparently i very much enjoy wit da ladies! #5

  • dahm

    I find this gallery unbelievably awesome and requests a steampunk saturday initiative happening

  • Rob

    This is a great post im glad my favorite type of girls finally get some recognition!!! All hot pics BTW

  • Silviastud

    I don't know where this came from, but I love where it's going.

  • Blazej Prusiecki

    Why do I have a feeling I see Kato on every second pic? o_O

  • dinkleman

    meh. i'll take any of the chivettes that post over these chicks.

  • Cal1

    They are all my type, beautiful beautiful beautiful


    What the fuck is a "steampunk", Actually, ya know what…Fuck it….I don't even care. MOAR of #2 & 19

  • Kyle429

    How is #8 steampunk? that's more like anime.

    -Edit-: Just read another comment. It is indeed anime. Final Fantasy X (Ten).

  • longshot421

    #2 #7 #28. Huge boobs and tiny waists – what's not to like? 🙂

  • Irish-Man

    Not that I'm complaining. But does steampunk automatically mean huge rack?

  • Brandon

    FUN FACT: #2 #5 #9 #11 #13 #19 #21 and #22 are all the same woman. Her name is Kato. Ive had the pleasure of meeting her many times and shes awesome.

    • ducksarebitches

      Actually, #2 isn't. Just FYI.

  • Guest

    i love steampunk girls.

  • Daily Hot

    #25 I met her once…

    thechive is fucking crazy

  • Jawbone

    Almost none of these are steampunk.

  • Brandon

    FUN FACT: #3 #5 #9 #11 #13 #19 #21 and #22 are all the same woman. Her names is Kato and she's awesome

  • jojo

    #7 I can totally see your point!

  • ChiveMaster

    #27 MOAR

  • wes

    I want one

  • pop

    moar moar moar #7

    • pefas

      Search for Presley Allan and you'll get moar,

  • Morris

    #7#7#7#7 Made my own MOAR!

  • Silent Chiver

    A single Chiver demands more! With a monocle and a shrubby!

  • Morticia

    Numbers 21 and 23 aren't steampunk, and number eight is a Final Fantasy character, from Final Fantasy X-2, and is also not steampunk. The rest of them are gorgeous and well done.

  • Yuuuhs

    The tits on #2

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