Nice cars left for dead (72 Photos)

  • iowa

    what a shame

    • ColaChiver


    • John Clinton Bozic

      A nice barn find like these are always nice

    • Hendo

      #10 and #29 – If that is a real deal Shelby Daytona then that is the biggest shame of them all. There were on SIX made and even in that condition would sell for $1 million EASY. I wanna slap the f*ck out of whoever did that.

      • babraham

        it is a real daytona. Interesting story behind this car as well.

      • Jay

        The gullwing Mercedes are worth a fortune too…WTF is wrong with people??? Even the drop-top Bel Air is a waste…

    • Carini

      FWIW, many of these were taken before they were restored. I have seen at least a few of these like #5 that were very tastefully done on shows like Velocity's "Chasing Classic Cars" among others. So don't let these pics fool you.

    • SockMoney17

      Unfortunately, the owners of many of these cars still don't want to sell them. They become foolish old people who end up dying and their car get sold anyway by their grandsons who sells them for drug money.

    • justsomeguy

      some men just wanna watch the world burn

  • ckin

    tisk tisk

  • Frédéric Purenne

    This… this made me sad. 😦

    • 88 cents

      Going to be thinking about this the rest of the day… Sucks…

      • tiki bciht

        no you're not.

    • Tao Thoma

      Exactly the words that came out of my mouth.

    • ladderzombie


    • Sylvain R.

      Same here…..

      wish I could save a couple of them.

  • Belvizzle Mcshizzle

    What a shame!

  • ilbrutto

    My soul has died. Millions upon millions of dollars worth of cars, wasted. Although I know the Shelby Daytona is actually restored now I believe.

    • @BlackBoxDsgn

      My soul has died a little bit also. That F40! But yes the Shelby has been restored.

    • Bern

      I believe the Daytona coupe is CSX2601 and yes it is restored and was sold by Mecum a couple years ago for a few million

      • Bern

        I stand corrected. CSX2287, not 2601

    • Nick Parsons

      #4 #18 both have been rescued also, 18 is here in Oregon somewhere

  • bryan

    I was holding it together pretty well, up until I saw that beautiful mustang. I dont know who did this. But im going to find them. And im going to kill them.

    • Specter

      Is that you… Liam Neeson?

  • majorfathead

    A tear came to my eye

    • mbns

      Mine too, and I've never teared up on theChive before…

  • kokoloco

    #72 this makes me sad…so much potential…

    • Jak

      I wanna throw up

    • Static

      no kidding… and #4 also.

      63 split window… barely 10K made. worth a ton – you could probably get 50K for the #72 if it had the z06 engine. restored… close to 200k

    • Mo'Phat

      Far too many Corvettes in this post. #72 #36 #18 #9 #4

    • stef

      I love corvettes so much I got a corvette tattoo, all these corvette pics make me so sad! I would love to show these cars some TLC

      • Mike

        I also have a Bette tattoo. These pics make me sad.

  • Andy Valentine

    A wannabe mechanic's wet dream. I wonder who else would just love to salvage one and spend a couple of years restoring it to it's former glory.

    • 3smash

      This chivette would!

      • mick

        most of these cars started out as project cars then money or interest runs out

  • yeeNyeee

    so much potential

  • insanely great

    #3 whoever did that should bow their head in shame.

    • Chickentikka

      Sad day for me too

    • MonkeyMadness

      He should have parked it in a cave and waited for Marty to catch up with him in time to rescue him.

    • GernBlansten

      What? It's not like it will rust out…..

    • Iceman2509

      Since when is a Delorean a classic car? Or #14? A Toyota? Really?

      • insanely great

        A Delorean?- It's from the 80's and I don't believe they make them anymore..Haven't you seen Back 2 the future, surely that's enough to make it a classic! Agree about theToyota though

        • Iceman2509

          I guess you have a point. It was a very unique car and I guess they are kinda rare. My point was that it wasn't very special other than it was BTTF and made of stainless steel. I still like seeing them though. Not as much as some of the Stingrays and Chargers above, but they are cool.

          • MrPants

            A Delorean is a fairly rare find. Stingrays and Chargers are a lot more common. As far as the Supra goes, if you read the title of this page it reads: "Photos of classic, supercars and muscle cars abandoned junkyard." The Supra is a badass car. Why do the 90's Lotus' and TVR's get to be here but not the Supra?

          • pendant

            Please don't qualify the word unique with "very", it is either unique or it is not.

        • Joe

          Deloreans are fairly rare, but only because no one bought them in the first place. They were terribly underpowered and overweight due to US emissions and safety standards, so they were slow even by early 80's standards. They also ended up costing something like double the intended price. So many spare parts were left behind when production ended that a company in Texas is still building complete vehicles from new old stock parts, so technically you can still buy a brand new one.

      • LoganExplosion

        Yeah, a toyota SUPRA. DURR

      • pretty smile


    • @McBeastie666

      The Delorean was only fictionally considered a "nice" car in a certain movie series, otherwise it wouldn't have been such a colossal failure.

    • Stuffhobbes

      Doc DID tell Marty to destroy it once he got back…

    • FoolOfATook

      Looks like it's been there since 1955.

  • kybuilttoyotatoyota

    These are some of the most depressing pictures I have seen in a while! I am a car nut so it hits me hard. Hopefully someone will return these cars to their glory days!

  • Jeremy Warren

    #14 "2JZ, no shit?"

    • M.C.

      Thank you for that comment sir. I laughed quite loud.

    • Emm

      "and some over night parts from Japan"

    • tapsnapornap

      "You know what? This will decimate all, after, you put about fifteen grand in it or more. If we have to, overnight parts from Japan."

    • allen

      nice buds there

    • Brad

      is that weed growng aroud it?

    • monocogger

      "tit-anium valve springs"

    • chris b

      what about the huge ass pot plant in front on the trunk?

      • BVG

        Thats not weed…

    • Danny


  • yeeNyeee

    #36 😦 who does that

    • Ramblinwreck

      Very greedy people who would rather see the car rot than to sell it to someone to restore and enjoy

    • Derby

      Dumb shits

  • Paula_

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      • Paula_

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          • Jak

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            • Tatts

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              • Kristen

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                • Tatts

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                  • not Kristen

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    • GernBlansten

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      • Paula_

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        • GernBlansten

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        • Josh

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          • Paula_

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            • Dexter!

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            • tapsnapornap

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              • Paula_

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                • tapsnapornap

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    • LoganExplosion

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      • Garret

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    • Wow Paula

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    • Josh

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    • Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

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    • genki desu yo

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  • Crescent fresh

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    • MonkeyMadness

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • David Phillips

    #3 made me almost cry

    • FarmBoy

      Especially after I watched all 3 BTTF movies today

  • @Sexy_McGee

    So SAD.

  • strizzle

    Unrelated, you guys are tough to get a hold of now. Anyways as of recently a lot of people in colorado springs have lost homes, and I believe they need a good old chive shout out to help kcco. thanks

    • FoCo Chiver

      Don't forget Estes Park! I have friends living over there, not to mention the High Park area where 190 homes have been lost. I can only imagine what the heat must be doing to the firefighters, but they are KCCO'ing and have been fighting nonstop! Many of them are staying on campus here at CSU on breaks.

      Pray (or do whatever you do) for rain on those fires!

      • Jasper

        Let's throw Boulder into this mix now as well. Woo Colorado!

  • triplecap

    Chances are that most of these cars' owners know exactly what they have but don't have the time/funds to complete them. It's one thing to keep them and let them appreciate in value, but letting them rot outside is the banking equivalent of paying $5 a month in service fees until your account balance is $0.

  • FarmBoy

    #2 #4 #36 #67 #72 Sad day

    • Orcslayer

      and what about #28 ? That's a frikkin Ferrari Daytona…

    • greg

      such a waste! does anyone know how to find out where these little gems are, and if they're for sale. such a waste!!

  • @Thogert

    I stopped looking after 10 pics. I couldn't handle the sorrow.

  • Mickey

    Look at the bright side. There are still untapped resources out there.

  • Henrico

    Why oh why, do us okes in south africa who would give a left nut for any one of those cars to restore have to sit without gems like that, while overseas they see it fit to just let them rust?

    • Dick Salad

      It's has nothing to do with nationality. Go ahead and try to track down these cars to purchase them. Most of the owners have unrealistic expectations of value based on current conditions. Add the complete disregard of the monetary/time investment needed to restore them and you get a bunch of dumb fucks unwilling to sell their cars which are further depreciating in value.

  • beserker

    yeah! we south africans around there would all have ferraris etc on the road with so many awesome cars lying around!

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